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  1. Welcome to SGL John. Jupiter will make a return fairly shortly. That will make a perfect target. The Moon is always about. Slew your scope to it. Apart form that I recommend the globular cluster M13 and the Ring Nebula, M57.

    As for the alignment; point your scope north, level it, then do your star alignment. Choose two stars on eith side of the sky for best results. I don't know off hand what finder scope you have, but make sure it is aligned too. Clear skies and keep loooking up!

  2. Welcome aboard Captain! You might want to pop along to an astro meeting. I am a member of the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers. We hold a monthly meeting in Regents Park. Look for their group on Facebook or their website . Baker Street Asto... :)

  3. Hi Ras Skipper,

    Thanks for mentioning the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers, I searched and found the Website.  I'll be away for the August meet but will try to come along in September :-)


    My own astro group is called 'Northolt Branch Astro'...your welcome to come along sometime.

  4. Hi Szymon. I'm just down the road in Northolt. We set up every clear night. You may also want to come along and meet the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers too. We have a monthly meet up in Regents Park. We have a Facebook page as well as a website.


  5. I have access to a Meade LT6 ACF for a week. I set the scope up. Leveled it and pointed it north. I did the various alignment methods; 1 star, 2 star etc. The scope has no idea what it's pointing at! lol. On a single star alignment it will return to Vega. But that's the only star it knows, presumably because that's the star I told it in the alignment. At no point does it want to know my location. Any Meade users out there who can help a chap out? I'm in the UK.

    Thanks for any input.


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