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Guy Wells

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  1. 34 Gems in the hour that I observed.

  2. Clouds, clouds and more clouds.

  3. Looking clear tonight in London! May stil be too windy...

  4. Dew shield nearly completed. Now if these clouds would just.....

  5. Thanks postman. Thanks FLO. Now thw unwrapping.

    1. Qualia


      Pics and first light, please :-)

    2. emadmoussa


      +1 to Qualia's request

    3. Guy Wells

      Guy Wells

      So far it's going well. Really enjoying the views. Messier list is climbing!

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  6. 127 Mak is on its way!

  7. Today I shall mainly be cleaning my primary.

  8. She that must be obeyed has given the all clear on the purchase of a new scope!

  9. What scope should I buy...?

    1. Daniel-K


      fore mega portable theres a altair astro 66ED on telescope outlet, but you could get the ED80 OTA from from FLO

    2. ronin


      Posting in the main forum would make it easier to get more options and it is easier. Getting Started Help and Advice?

    3. Guy Wells

      Guy Wells

      It was just an off the cuff comment Ronin. And people get bored of the same old question! :P

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  10. Could we possibly have some clear skies over London tonight

  11. Guy Wells

    Orion Neb 3

    Thar she blows!
  12. Guy Wells

    Saturn 4

    Nothing wrong with that!
  13. Guy Wells

    Jupiter 11 03 2013 V1

    Better than my first attempt. You'll tease a lot more out of that in the future, though, I imagine. Registax is a hard mistress. Dark frame subtraction will help with the noise. 3 moons. Belts and zones. Nice.
  14. London Calling.....

  15. Alert. Alert. Hairy Star Inbound.

  16. 400 TIFF's to process....better get something to 'drink''...

  17. Spot of solar then a clear night.

  18. Nice. I'll try that blur on my next time out.
  19. Solar filter construction under way...

    1. mullac2001


      i"d be interested how you constructed it if successfull please

  20. First glimpse of sunspot group 1682.

  21. New EP just arrived. Solar Filter just arrived. Cloudy? Of course.

  22. Vixen EP and Baader filter coming tomorrow! Clouds....you know what to do!!!

  23. You spend the whole time wanting the clouds to go away. Now my solar filter is coming, I hope the clouds stay till it arrives!!

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