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  1. That is not the issue. I have now had the time to look into this. Nukemninja Have a look in c /windows/system32/drivers/ do you see the file ser2pl64.sys? (or the 32bit version)
  2. I have the same problem. No comm ports in device manager.
  3. FireCapture does not install. It is normally in your documents folder...
  4. Ah ha. The famous Olly Penrice. FL= 1524mm. Camera= 1392 x 1040
  5. Ongoing M27 project. 80 Minutes
  6. M27 Meade LT6 ACF Canon 70D 25s subs for maybe 30 minutes. Some dark frames.
  7. Welcome abaord Alan. If you drive, I run an astronomy group in west London.
  8. This is not the galaxy we are looking for. Like I said, in that position there is nothing. No minor bodies, comets or known asteroids.
  9. The coordinates of your object are RA 10:21:31.13 Dec +41:25:31.3. There is no know object at this location. There have been no known minor planets or comets at this location too. I suggest it is an artifact causes by Mu Ursae Majoris.
  10. Guy Wells


    Welcome aboard! Sunny Northolt eh I run an astronomy group based in Northolt. I'll PM you
  11. Sorry Iwols. Mag -4, very bright. Mag 0, bright. Mag +4, fairly dim. Mag + 11, very dim. Mag +14 Pluto.
  12. M45! Stars down to mag +11. Good job.
  13. Hey Chris, thanks. That sorted the issue. I would post an image but the site is not allowing me to do so.
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