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  1. 22 hours ago, Hayduke27 said:

    Does anybody know any more about this object described in the articles?


    NPR Article Here

    Wiki Article


    After finding the name, a quick read through the Wiki page indicates this object is probably magnitude 21 or so by now.  That's very dim.  I don't suppose anybody managed to get a glimpse of it at any point?


    EDIT: I missed it my first time through, it appears the object is named A/2017 U1

    The object appears stella, so the designation has changed from C/2017 U1 to A/2017 U1.


  2. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft

    OSIRIS-REx is on its way to the Near Earth asteroid Bennu, where it will arrive in 2018. To get there, the spacecraft needs to do a gravity assist maneuver. Today, September 22nd, OSIRIS-REx will fly by the Earth. Here it is, 16 hours before closest approach, at a distance of 386,000 km (about the distance from the Earth to the Moon). It was about 17 mag at that time.






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  3. Near Earth asteroid (3122) Florence

    (3122) Florence is an Amor-type potentially hazardous asteroid with a diameter of 4.9 km. It will make a close approach to Earth on September 1st, at a distance of 0.05 AU (7.1 million km). During the close approach it brightens to 8.5 mag and becomes visible in small telescopes for several nights.

    Florence is the largest asteroid to pass this close to Earth since the first Near Earth asteroids were discovered over a century ago.






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