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  1. I like the first one and last one nice vibrant colours
  2. Really nice pic James good job
  3. Really like the M45 pic good job
  4. Loving the pics really good!
  5. Really nice clear image good job
  6. Really nice picture any details on the exposure. ....
  7. Im going to take your advice and get that book thanks for your help you've cleared alot up for me... if I could ask just one more thing have you ever had a problem focusing an slr with the 150pds....
  8. I juat started a thread in the advice section lol.... am looking at getting a skywatcher 150pds with eq5 goto mount...
  9. Sorry to ask so many questions but whats subs and darks? And are certain nikon cameras better than others..... your help is much appreciated thankyou
  10. Thanks for the advice ronin, I just had a brief look at those asi120's that might be the way to go however I can only mainly find planetary images for them.... With the goto you say supply it data do you have to do this with a laptop or do you program it on the keypad prior to using it.... Sidmouths quite a way for me but I am going to try and get over there at some point
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