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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a mount for my phone but have read some reviews stating that some phone mounts aren't compatible with the Samsung galaxy s20 due to the positioning of the cameras, I'm not looking to do anything spectacular but was wondering if anyone has a mount they use with this phone before I buy one, any recommendations welcome. Thanks,
  2. Thanks yeah I was quite surprised on the outcome, time to start saving, Planetary Next!
  3. Another really good one is - Autodesk Pixlr-Photo Editor
  4. Mine was just a white blur before I changed the camera settings couldnt really make out any detail. All editing was done with 'PicSay'. Its quite an easy app to use there are a few others that will do the same thing.
  5. Sorry I thought you ment u were only using your phone haha, doesnt come up with a post count or anything on mobile just a name. Jus gone on the full website rather than mobile....... lol
  6. What phone have you got?? My pics were coming out really washed out at first. I changed the settings to black and white, and turned all the contrast, exposure, iso etc down as much as poss without it looking completely black. Then took a load of pics and picked through the ones with most detail. Downloaded a good image editing app. Messed with the contrast, exposure value, brightness and sharpened.
  7. I'll look into one of those brackets, as a cheaper alternative to buying a proper camera. Should keep me going until I can afford to upgrade my kit
  8. Lol one won't hurt, but I already want to get back out and try and get some more pics at higher magnification sadly the clouds have settled in for the next 4-5 days at least!!
  9. Thanks for all the feedback I can already see the addiction growing lol. I tried jupiter aswell but the mount I have is just way to unstable its not bad for viewing but I will be upgrading at some point in the future, hopefully....
  10. Managed to get a few pics of the moon holding my phone up to the eyepiece and then *attempted* to edit them. I done the editing with a free app I found, Jus not sure if I've over done it. There didnt seem to be much detail at first. I'm quite happy with the outcome considering my kit is very basic. Hoping to try some other eyepieces next time Anyway heres what I think was the best one...
  11. Addiction indeed I was going to buy some nice expensive kit but just wanted to see if id enjoy it first so bought some real basic stuff and yesterday with my camera phone I managed to get jupiter (fair be it it looks like a white blob) but none the less its a picture of a white blob with four moons in shot lol
  12. Hi, Just thought id post this up as I was very very! Surprised at what can be achived with a £40 secondhand telescope and then holding my phone up to the eyepiece..... lol I did mess about with the camera settings and I then edited the picture on my phone basically sharpened it a little bit etc jus with an app.....
  13. Some day I'll be taking pics like that (I hope) lol
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