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  1. although I heard this morning that Jon Culshaw is going to be a permanent member of the team. NOt sure about that myself.
  2. I used SkyVIew on IOS last year a lot when in Samaur in France to watch the nightly passes of the ISS. You hold the app up like you do any star app and it shows where it is and as it comes over the horizon... pretty accurate.
  3. Thanks. Did read about one member utilising the 8mm on his 4se to good effect which swayed me. Got the scope out cooling at the moment as clear to the south and east here tonight.
  4. So I've been using my NexStar 4SE both in the daytime to align red-dot finder and at night. But I can't get as clear and large an image as I expect. If I focus on the dome of Herstmonceaux observatory or POlegate Windmill 15 miles away I can see them small and clearly with my 25mm Plossl, slightly less clear but bigger with my 18mm BST and larger but less clear with 8mm BST. In fact with the 8mm the point at which focus is sharpest is miniscule. At night looking at jupiter I get small but clear (moons ar epin pricks) at 25mm - bigger but hard to focus at 9mm and not tried 18mm yet. Now I am aw
  5. Got a better run at it today having got a Celestron Omni 2x Barlow as well. I have to say good views but disappointed with the Barlow. What I've found is that in use with the 25mm plossl that comes as standard, it gives a very arrow band of focus ( what I mean by this is that you have to be like a very fine safe breaker minutely moving the focussing knob by mm to get in focus. Also I am finding that I get a lot more eclipsing of the image with the Barlow, what I mean by this is that I'm not getting a full circle view through the EP. so I'm thinking the way forward is to actually get a 12 mm E
  6. So driving home last night noticed half the sky was clear over Sussex with Orion really clear. Walked in door grabbed scope and kids and went through first ever alignment. Worked straight off. Then spent an enjoyable 30 mins with the kids looking at the moon and Jupiter and Betelgeuse. Managed to see three moons of Jupiter. Scope is a Nexstar 4 SE and images were bright and sharp but not huge. EP is 25mm plossl. So my question is if I want more magnification do I get a Barlow or a different EP. Thanks all
  7. THanks for all the welcomes, just a short update I went for a NexStar 4SE in the end as a I got a good deal on one and now waiting for some clear skies to use it in anger.
  8. U have the ability to report all supposed dodgy items. I suggest u do so on all u see
  9. DOn't want a power pack. Will proper precautions like RCD AC works outside - I mow my lawn like that several times a year.
  10. As I will mainly use this at home I am looking for a ac power supply to power it. Cannot find one on the several telescope sites I looked at. Any suggestions? thanks ps I don't want a power pack but a wall transformer.
  11. quite like the look of Sky Safari and connecting it to the telescope to guide viewing etc.... this is what technology is all about :0)
  12. can I ask why you went for the SW 127 over say the NexStar 4SE. Its just I've narrowed my choice down to those two.
  13. been looking outside for last three days and amazing clear skies, but I know as soon as I buy a scope it will be cloudy for months. Same thing happened with convertible cars, lovely sun buy convertible = rain for months. As soon as I sold it brilliant sunshine.
  14. well in the compound world that I know best people always seem to be trying the latest rest, longrod, scope etc ... makes for rich pickings second hand.
  15. wow 250 posts. I know rules is rules but that's a year's worth.
  16. Depends on the style of archery. I'm a compound archer and we all change kit a lot :0)
  17. I am starting to see parallels between astronomy and my lead hobby archery with regards to equipment. Mainly I am seeing the drive for even better kit and that the urge to replace, enhance and progress is strong. In archery this leads to a healthy nearly new market where buyers can get last year's bow for a cheap price. I sense there must be similar in the telescope world as people replace their NexStar 4SE with a 6SE etc.... So where do I find this for astronomy as there doesn't seem to be much on eBay. I know Astronomia have a second hand section but their second hand prices are quite close
  18. I find skyview useful as well ... also lets you track the ISS
  19. the more i read the more confused I become ... so I think the answer is (rather like cars) I actually need 4 'scopes :0)
  20. My other hobbyist archery and I have used my archery spotting scope for astronomy
  21. Have read a really good review of the 130p on here and was decided. But having watched Sky at Night on iplayer when they were setting up beginners scopes I got seduced by the Skymax look. I want something I can grab on evenings last night and look at moon, planets and bright shiny stuff. Want to be able to see Saturn's rings and detail on Jupiter. I also quite like the idea of summer BBQ and getting scoe out to show friends stuff in the sky. How does the 130 compare to the 102. Or should I be looking at the 127? thanks
  22. thanks all - thought I had made mind up but then got head turned by SkyMax 102 so just need to decide between that and the 130P
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