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  1. Hi

    I have a NexStar 8SE. I've not used it for nearly two years as since moving I no longer have access to a dark back garden. It has been setup in our conservatory with the dust caps on both ends and all the lenses have dust caps on both ends. To prepare if for reuse is there anything I need to do other than dust down the outside? Which tbh isn't that dusty anyway?

  2. Being of a quick grab and go type of observer I am enjoying reading about the star sense accessory. It has got me thinking that that and a GPS unit so I can plonk it outside and it will pretty much set itself up ( I know it's not quite as simple as that) so what gps units do people recommend to partner the 8 SE and the starsense?


  3. I have just bought my NexStar 8SE from Zoltan at 365 Astronomy.

    In an online world it is easy for anyone to setup a flashy website and draw you in - so I am always a little wary of companies I haven't heard of before. Luckily I managed to find a few short reviews on here of happy customers.

    365's website offers up extended hours that you can speak to them by telephone, so about 7.45 on Wednesday I thought I would give them as call. Zoltan was helpful, knowledgable and willing to help. Showing real knowledge and content behind the web front end.

    We arranged for me to pick the item up on Saturday as I don't live that far away from them. Pick up day was a breeze.

    So I would recommend you check these guys out and give them a call if you have any questions.


    ps and oh yes their website is good.

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  4. Hi,

    I've got the 8se - had it since mid January, and I'm really impressed with it. The mount has proven itself much more stable than I read it was going to be. The goto is excellent, once I'd Sussed out some of the tricks of quick and accurate alignment.

    I've had some very good evenings viewing with it, and seen things that I would never have found without the goto. I've also set it up so I can drive it from sky safari on my Android tab.

    I reckon its a great scope.

    thanks that's been good to hear

  5. As a beginner twenty years ago I was very taken by SCTs and fuddy duddy astrosoc members were not convinced. Now I'm one of those fuddy duddies.

    SCTs have their virtues but why not take a step back? What exactly do you want to do with your telescope? An SCT might be the perfect choice but, then again, it might not.


    Olly thanks - but I know I like this style of scope as the 4SE meets my needs easy to grab and put outside ... plus I actually find it relatively easy to align... I don't want to go Dobs or Reflector. Actually the discussions remind me of my other hobby archery where longbowers, recurvers and compounders all extole the virtue of their type of scope. Needless to say I'm a compounder :0)

    My needs are simple ... I like looking at the moon and the planets ... and seeing them as big and clearly as possible ...

  6. Thinking of upgrading to an 8SE from my 4SE. But before I pull the trigger and splash a load of cash can anyone let me know how much bigger things are going to look. For example Saturn looks like the tip of a felt tip pen in the 4SE with a 12mm EP. How big is it going to look with a 8SE.

    ive tried looking for pictures but these all seem to be processed and tweaked.

    Failing that is there anyone in East Sussex that would be willing to let me have a look?

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