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  1. It also makes it a lot quieter and removes those awful sounding chatter mesh sounds from the inertia.
  2. FWIW I just purchased the very same camera (1100D canon) T3 for both AP and regular photography. If I remember correctly it has a very good noise performance too, even compared to higher models.
  3. Something to check. Power to the motors needs to be both stable and plentiful, from either a mains adaptor or large leisure battery etc. The small multi-unit battery packs are no good and will cause motor speed fluctuation as they drain.
  4. This is virtually always the same scenario that everybody has when starting out. It's as bad as choosing between the ipad mini retina or larger air versions! Ie; what aperture can I manage in my budget, ahh but can I use it later on a GOTO mount, and then the finale, is the mount good enough for AP! Don't worry.... we've all been there. Purists may advise you to learn the sky, but on your own that can be overwhelming, and whose to say being taught where everything is by a goto mount is wrong... we all need a teacher sometimes? Don't get me wrong, Dobs are great, easier and quicker to setup, but as Digz says if you opt for a solid tube dob then you can buy the rings and mount it on a goto eq later. As for AP, well always best to get something very suitable off the bat for future, that means HEQ5, NEQ6 or the user friendly Celestron AVX mount. By the way, the AVX mount is new and is also available with a Newt on it to get you started. See here > http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Telescopes-Celestron.asp?p=0_10_1_8_144 That, in my view, covers all your bases... YMMV. Best regards, Neil.
  5. Do yourself a favour and pick this up before somebody else does, 58 quid delivered inc taxes. These were at £120+ before they were discontinued. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CELESTRON-2X-ULTIMA-BARLOW-Great-Condition-/321287176740
  6. I have the 3x version of the meade telextender. Here is a 5x version going for a song and where I bought mine from. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25-5x-Meade-Series-5000-TeleXtender-Ultra-Wide-Boxed-/161181589002?
  7. That's impressive kingboya for a single sub at 30 mins. I guess if the AVX isn't still good enough with ASPA I can still use autoalign with that mount too, so no big loss. After having a search in google from what I can see the Nexstar does not use the J2000 positions, it has some other algorithms instead.
  8. Have a look at my thread for PA options... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/203765-mounts-if-you-have-obstructed-view-for-pa/ some good ideas being offered.
  9. (darn can't edit posts) Also, does the AVX take into account what Dion said about the software using the J2000 star positions being out now. Have Celestron addressed this in the same way the author of Alignmaster has?
  10. Just been watching Dion's video there of how to use Alignmaster. Isn't this almost the same thing as the ASPA on the Celestron AVX which is built in? Which must mean the AVX really is super accurate, especially if you repeat the procedure.
  11. Holy pants alive knew I didn't like PA. Thanks having a look at that. Will look into that one as well. Think I will probably go the AVX route. Especially as Steve the master man says it's good Cheers folks
  12. I am in the same position as you but it's big tree's not houses. So I am changing my view to purchasing an AVX mount instead of the syntrek heq5, as said the AVX has ASPA and gets great reviews.
  13. thanks for that, seems like its calling my name lol
  14. The Syntrek heq5 only comes with a basic hand control for tracking only. Hence I'd be using a laptop connected instead.
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