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  1. Thanks rowan46 kinda figured that meteor shots would still be with my dslr but thought it would really look cool if they could be caught on a scope, guess I will just need to invest in some faster glass this year. I kinda also figure that what I want in a scope would be a major pain to carry out to the bluffs but one can dream. The main info I am after is photograpphy with the scope I love the night sky and want to share it with others. Most of my co-workers think I am nuts I went camping in below freezing weather for a chance to shoot the Quadrantids only to have cloud cover move in. I did however end up with great shots of the elk herd.lol
  2. I found this site that also offers info on meteor showers http://www.meteorwatch.org/meteor-info/meteor-showers-2013/
  3. Thanks for taking the time to create and share this video.
  4. Thanks for the info Rob, and Aenima thanks for the comparison pictures.
  5. Rob1956


    These are my shots that sparked my interest in AP.
  6. I have narrowed my selection of scopes down to two now and would like your thoughts on which is better suited for me. I am like most people and want to be able to do it all planetary and deep space but realize that I cannot have it that way. For now I would do more planetary shots than deep space and want to be able to do meteor showers (not even sure you can do meteor showers with a scope). I have to be able to take the scope with me to where I would shoot from (I live in the heart of Mtn. Home streetlights everywhere around me). Okay Mtn. Home is not a big city but in three out of four corners of my lot neighbors have security lights. The shortest drive would be about an hour with 10 miles of dirt roads. I would like to be able to take to the bluffs with me which are about a two mile hike in and out. • Celestron 8" Newtonian Advanced VX Telescope (might consider 6”) • Celestron 8" SCT Advanced VX Telescope Here are a few accessories that I plan to get also • Celestron 12V 17AH Power Tank DC Power Supply • Celestron SkySync GPS Accessory • Celestron Eyepiece & Filter Accessory Kit • And of course case and t adapter. I am open to all and any suggestions; budget has to stay under $2.5k
  7. James Thanks for the help Shipping cost on the book is more than the book so I will have to put my google skills to work and see if I can find a copy over here.
  8. Sorry Michigander not a baseball fan We do have nice dark sky’s here but I still have to drive about an hour or better to find a spot with nightlights all the local state and nation parks have several street lights and my closest campground has a water treatment plan about a mile away on the other side of the lake. Think that I have found the scope that I am going to purchase…taking a chance on second hand equipment. *Mead ETX 125 AT *Meade Series 4000 eyepiece and filter kit with case *Meade ETX 125 Case *JMI Piggyback Mount and Counterweight for Piggyback Astrophotography *Orion Starshoot Solar System Imager IV *Meade t-adapter *DC Power Adapter *#884 Tripod with upgraded threaded latitude adjustment for polar alignment Just waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can go and check it out; my days off next week are call for snow and ice. Any input on the equipment is more than welcomed
  9. I am just starting out into this and do not even have a scope yet. I became hooked on astrophotography in December after going out on two nights and getting shots of the Geminid Meteor shower. I did manage to get two shots with meteors one each night, I went out for the Quadrantids but cloud cover moved in. I am hoping to made my decision and purchase by the end of the month but currently each time I think I’ve made my pick I change my mind…most of this is due to having to do it all over the internet I would really like to see and touch one beforehand but living in the middle of nowhere that’s not going to happen.
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