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  1. Unfortunately where I am I am surrounded by houses, I would need to get into a clear field or on high ground. No joy as yet viewing.
  2. Whilst travelling to work this morning, I heard on the radio that several planets will be in alignment for the next week or so, inline with the moon. Can people on here confirm this or explain in better detail what will be happening and where to look. At the moment I only have a small pair of binoculars , so hopefully I will be able to see what they were talking about. John
  3. I have been deciding on my first telescope for over a year, I am drawn to the dobsonium but I will probably buy a decent pair of binoculars first ,help and advise is always welcomed. Anyone with advice on binoculars I am listening. John.
  4. To put my thoughts to this thread, I have been deliberating for over a year on which scope to buy, I am still drawn to the skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonion. I am also looking at cameras, I like Nikon, but people have said on here that canon are better, I am still not convinced on this, also a decent pair of binoculars would not go amis with me, so info on these would be great as well. I live in lancashire and i am only about 30 mins from the Todmorden astronomy centre so I am lucky in that way, I can go and visit them and see what they have and use as well as ask questions. I still would lik
  5. Hi there Mark, which camera or cameras do you use? John
  6. I have been looking at the Nikon D5200, mainly for the price, and I was going to spend the money on lenses, but still not 100%. I would like to know if any members on here use any of the Nikon cameras for AP. Looking forwards to hearing what the rest think. John
  7. Hello Ruthie, welcome to the forum, don't be afraid to ask questions, remember even the famous astronomers started of by asking questions when they were learning. Feel free to post and see what answers you get. John.
  8. Hi Frank, that's great news, I am in Lancashire, and it is good to know where to look. I am swayed towards a 8 inch dob , but not totally decided, but I might give the shop a ring and ask more questions.John.
  9. Thanks for that Keith, I shall see if I can get over next Saturday . John.
  10. Welcome to the SGL starfornicator, I am in Lancashire , also work on the fylde coast. John
  11. That's good news Malc, I hope you get some good skies for your patience. Keep us informed how it goes. John.
  12. Just like to say a big thank you to James F. I did not know about the longer repeat , and as of this new detail to me, I have downloaded the BBC iplayer app and watch the program when I like where I like on my iPad . This time I watched I did notice the music, and to some extent I was not too keen on it, but it is just me and my preference. I would like to see Dr Chris Lintott as the main presenter, I like his delivery and ease of words. One item I did enjoy was the information to new astronomers about viewing the sun and special lens covers, this may be boring and old for the long standing as
  13. Thanks Keith , I shall see if I can make it. John
  14. Thank you for the advice Andy , I will see what I can get and use, many thanks for the information. John.
  15. Hi there Fruity, as a newbie myself and eager to get a scope and look at the sky more, I have learned several vital lessons from this site. Speak to as many people as you can about the subject, ask questions about scopes , but above all try them out at star parties or observatories. This way you will be better placed to get what you want without regretting it later. I still have not purchased anything yet, but I am being drawn to the 8" dobsonion scope. I will try others though before I finally make my decision. I will say this, use some bino's first, I have a very cheap pair at 12 X 25, but a
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