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  1. There's a thread on the forum on which someone (or more than one...) implemented the Moonlite protocol on a homebrew Arduino focuser, here http://indilib.org/forum/general/283-moonlite-focuser-protocol.html Most of it's a couple of years old, but I couldn't find the finished article that one of the posters wrote. Cheers Lance
  2. Also check if you're in a conservation area. We are, and consequently, lots of things that normally wouldn't require planning permission, do for us. Lance.
  3. When I got my C8 it came with the Celestron branded Pelican case, which, even though it offers excellent protection, is a ) huge, and b ) heavy - even without the OTA in it. I've often wished for something smaller, like a soft case, that'll go on the in the car much easier than trying to wrestle the hard case in. Lance
  4. Option 3 (possibly) SpaceX... http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/08/how-and-why-spacex-will-colonize-mars.html (if you've a few hours to spend reading through it...) Lance
  5. I've got a sodium streetlamp lighting up my back garden as well, the pole is literally the other side of my fence on a footpath, but unfortunately I've got no handy wall to hang anything on - any shield would have to be freestanding and about 15' high. It doesn't help that on the other side of the footpath is a school, with large windows, and a hell of a lot of light gets reflected off of that back towards me. A box that I could (temporarily) lift over the streetlamp head is the only thing I could think of. (The council have installed a 'shield' on the lamp - which is worse than useless), Lance
  6. Dave, are you going to run a fan in the RAMPS/Pi case? Lance
  7. I have, with a sodium one shining over my back garden, but the sort of half shield they put in it doesn't really do anything at all. Light leakes out everywhere, and it hasn't made any difference at all to the amount of light in the garden. Lance
  8. Oooh, I was thinking of doing something similar, but didn't realise the solution already exists! Cheers. Lance
  9. Are you using the Pi to control the Arduino? Lance
  10. They're still not sure why the solar panels didn't open, whether it was a failed motor, or something like that, or whether one of the airbags was wrapped around it, the pictures they're working with are only a few pixels across. And it needed all the solar panels depoyed to expose the transmitter, which is why they never heard anything. Lance
  11. Webstream on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/11349858/Beagle-2-has-vanishing-probe-finally-been-found-LIVE.html starting at 10.00 GMT. Lance
  12. It's the bit mentioned in the original instructions, i.e. opening up the cheap battery case, removing the actual battery and soldering somw wires to the contacts. Lance
  13. That's 61000 kph rather than mph... Lance
  14. For an object of 400 kg traveling at 61000 mph, an impact energy of 15 tonnes of TNT seems a bit small, doesn't it? Reporters getting their figures wrong?I would have thought that 15 kilotons would have been more likely. Lance
  15. Congratulations, hope all goes well with the launch. Lance
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