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  1. Evening I was just walking home and about to come in through my front door when I thought I'd see if Saturn had risen above the houses across the stet. I could see Arcturus and then out of nowhere a small streak of flame. It was like a shooting star, but rather than being the usual speck of light, this had bulk and was definitely like a small flaming ball, pass in just near Arcturus at around 10:40. Can anyone shed some light on this? I've never seen anything like it. James
  2. Us there no other webcam to equal or beat it? What makes it so much better than anything else at the price point?
  3. I managed to get Jupiter okay earlier tonight, but didn't spend very long there. Orion's Nebula was the poorest I've seen it (in the few weeks I've had my scope).
  4. @ronnie67 - I'll have to keep an eye out for it coming round again. Do they tend to run yearly, or just as one offs?
  5. Hmmm ... there's no information on the dates for most of them and the only one that does have a date shows Feb 2014! They do look interesting though.
  6. Sorry to bump the thread, but I was just wondering if anyone had any views on my internal coating question above. Thanks James
  7. I've not had a huge amount of lick with the double stars yet, but it could have a lot to do with the seeing. I'm going to keep trying at them though.
  8. I hope I'm right in thinking that the 3 belt stars are to be counted and it's just the four outer stars which are not included.
  9. I hadn't really thought of double stars too much, but they do sound like a fun think to hunt down. What sort of mags are needed to split them? I'm working with a 25mm and a 10mm at the moment so that's 60x and 150x mag, if I've got my maths right.
  10. Well I can definitely see 5 ... possibly 6. Oh dear, I didn't think it was that bad round here. In my skies defense though, The Moon is out and I have seen the stars a little clearer in that area before. Still ... I'd be interested to go to a dark site now.
  11. M35-38 bagged Really quite faint, but they were definitely there I'll head back out shortly to continue. Thanks JamesF for the suggestions
  12. I've been loving the views of Jupiter through my new Skymax127.
  13. Wish I'd seen this earlier, I've had clear skies for the last two nights. I'll have to see what it's like tonight.
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