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  1. As a travel scope I have purchased the Skywatcher startravel 80 table top telescope. For around £100 its a fab bit of kit. To be honest over the past 6 months it has been my main grab and go scope. It comes in a nice carry case and the bag is big enough for all the other accessories you would want to take with you.
  2. The not very nice way of thinking about security is make you house harder to break into than your neighbours. You should always be looking for ways to make you house harder to burgle. The simple fact of the matter is thieves are looking for a quick smash and grab, aiming for items which hold value and can be off loaded quickly. A telescope doesn't really appeal partly because of size (ease of get away). Also because it is quite a specialised item.
  3. A friend of mine has recently got into astronomy I let him borrow an old scope and told him to try it out and tell me what he thought. His response to me was Jupiter looks so small. This morning someone posted this on the internet I think it helps answer his question about why things look small. http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html
  4. As the question states. What astro related websites do you visit regularly?
  5. Really? I have an ST80 (only used it a couple of times) but for its size I get some excellent views. Anyway more about the mount. I got the STO with EQ1 table mount at it feels solid. Very little wobble! What mount and tripod are you using it on? As a beginner scope I would personally say look at the ST80 for 4 key reasons. 1. Its cheap. £100 for a scope and tripod. 2. Gives good views of all objects beginners want to see. 3. Can you moved, stored and setup easily. Its the kind of scope you can always take on holiday as it can be easily stored in the car or plane. 4. When you buy a second, third or fourth scope this one can be used as a nice upgraded finderscope.
  6. Finally found a couple of hours to try out my new scope a Skywatcher ST80 with EQ1 Table mount and it didn't let me down. I didn't want to be greedy as it has been a long day so tonight Jupiter was the only target. Got my self set up in what could only be described as record time due the lightness and easy of setting up the rig; and got observing. Once in my cross-hairs I settled down for a couple of hours of great observing. What a treat, not a cloud in site, dark skies and Jupiter in all its glory. Tonight Jupiter had decided to bring out Ganymede, Europa, Calisto and Io just poking out from the side. The scope performed magnificently for its size and portability giving me a nice crisp view showing great detail on Jupiter surface. Cant wait to use this scope again.
  7. I bought this one I think it was from argos. Quite nice, it has a couple of different brightness settings and red leds as well. So its well suited for nights observing. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9280481.htm
  8. Well the skies are clearing and I would have loved to have shared with you my thoughts of the ST80 but sadly the item never arrived though I paid for next day delivery expecting the clear skies tonight. Oh well, guess I will have to wait until tomorrow.
  9. Where do you go to get your weather forecast detailing clear skies?
  10. I'm sorry it was going to be clear but I just purchased a scope so it will be cloudy again.
  11. I will keep you all posted. Had a look and the skies look like they should be clear tomorrow so hopefully all being well I can get out and give it a review before late.
  12. My thinking was that the RDF might not be great but we never know. My previous main scope was a 200P Dobsonian and I was making use of the standard starfinder. I could not help but think that maybe the finder fell of the production line at some point as it was rubbish (could never see anything very clear, always gave a very blurred edge). I know for a fact this scope as a star finder will be a BIG step up.
  13. This is true, but when starting out they can be a big distraction and can take away from actually using the scope.
  14. Sounds one hell of a set up you have got going there. Homemade observatory?
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