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  1. Perhaps it is a case of ‘If you have to ask you cannot afford it’
  2. Hi Mark I have one. Will probably part with my Mak127 and therefor the dew shield. Are you still looking?
  3. AstroNowt

    Mak 127

    Hi I have a great condition mak127. No idea on the logistics of sending to Croatia though. I will have a look at costs. I have sent some very delicate stuff to Italy and China via eBay so I know it is doable!
  4. Welcome. Looks like a great place to be a photographer.
  5. As @tooth_dr says not compulsory but has to be highly recommended. I would not buy without a photo of the actual item. Pictures form part of the ‘contract’ and are indispensable IMHO. As important to me as a price that reflects the cost, condition and age etc. If pics can be added it will surely increase interest.
  6. Lol. I think the request was for pics of the camera itself ?
  7. Or? https://www.365astronomy.com/Eyepiece-Holder-Plug-Focuser-Dust-Cap-1.25.html
  8. Rother Valley do have a 2" version listed. Perhaps give them a call? https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/eyepiece-holder-plug-focuser-dust-cap-2.html
  9. Do you actually need the power tank and autoguider from start? I don't know your exact numbers but I would think that they go most of the way from eq3 to heq5 and you can add them later.
  10. That is the way I have done it in terms of home position. I have never done anything else after doing the PA visually using a polar scope. If you use a polar align app to get the precise location you are aiming for re Polaris I do not think anything else is necessary. At least I do not think the synscan align will be an improvement.
  11. AstroNowt

    Hello world

    When I first started with my goto i used a mobile app like sky safari or sky guide. You just point the phone to the sky and it will tell you what you are looking at. After a while you just know where you are going.
  12. Hi Bob Not jealous at all. Who wants clear skies and warm nights? Certainly not Astronomers! ? And I am completely ignoring your comment of bobbing around the med on your boat. ? Welcome David
  13. Hi I am looking for a Baader 2" UHC-S (found) filter and possibly an OIII as well. Would prefer 'as new' condition with case etc. however, I will also consider alternatives options Thanks
  14. I have no doubts about SXs service I was just worried about posting the camera. But as has been said above I am more likely to add dust so I will send it off. I have a good case so I just need it to not get lost!
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