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  1. AstroNowt

    Hello from Finland!

    Welcome. Looks like a great place to be a photographer.
  2. As @tooth_dr says not compulsory but has to be highly recommended. I would not buy without a photo of the actual item. Pictures form part of the ‘contract’ and are indispensable IMHO. As important to me as a price that reflects the cost, condition and age etc. If pics can be added it will surely increase interest.
  3. Lol. I think the request was for pics of the camera itself
  4. AstroNowt

    1.25" Focuser cap??

    Or? https://www.365astronomy.com/Eyepiece-Holder-Plug-Focuser-Dust-Cap-1.25.html
  5. AstroNowt

    1.25" Focuser cap??

    Rother Valley do have a 2" version listed. Perhaps give them a call? https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/eyepiece-holder-plug-focuser-dust-cap-2.html
  6. Do you actually need the power tank and autoguider from start? I don't know your exact numbers but I would think that they go most of the way from eq3 to heq5 and you can add them later.
  7. That is the way I have done it in terms of home position. I have never done anything else after doing the PA visually using a polar scope. If you use a polar align app to get the precise location you are aiming for re Polaris I do not think anything else is necessary. At least I do not think the synscan align will be an improvement.
  8. AstroNowt

    Hello world

    When I first started with my goto i used a mobile app like sky safari or sky guide. You just point the phone to the sky and it will tell you what you are looking at. After a while you just know where you are going.
  9. AstroNowt

    Hello from Cyprus

    Hi Bob Not jealous at all. Who wants clear skies and warm nights? Certainly not Astronomers! And I am completely ignoring your comment of bobbing around the med on your boat. Welcome David
  10. AstroNowt

    2" OIII primarily for visual use

    UHC-S filter found.
  11. AstroNowt

    2" OIII primarily for visual use

    Hi I am looking for a Baader 2" UHC-S (found) filter and possibly an OIII as well. Would prefer 'as new' condition with case etc. however, I will also consider alternatives options Thanks
  12. AstroNowt

    SX-694 CCD clean and re-gas?

    I have no doubts about SXs service I was just worried about posting the camera. But as has been said above I am more likely to add dust so I will send it off. I have a good case so I just need it to not get lost!
  13. AstroNowt

    SX-694 CCD clean and re-gas?

    It says 0.39mm so I am guessing on the sensor!
  14. AstroNowt

    Wooden pier

    +1 for going <300mm at the top. I would suggest you try and get as close to the size of the 'top plate' as you can to maximise the flexibility of the pier. Even if just for the last 150-200mm or so. You will hit the 300mm base when near vertical with any scope larger the your ED80, especially if you add a filter wheel etc.
  15. I have a Trius SX-694 with a dust spec on the inside of the front glass or on the ccd itself. The instructions for cleaning seem fairly straightforward as long as I am careful but is it really necessary to refill with Argon? SX have offered to clean and re-gas for little if any cost which is great and seems like a sensible option, but I will have to ship my camera back and forth which represents a risk. I am just wondering if anyone has undertaken this themselves?

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