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  1. AstroNowt

    Wooden pier

    +1 for going <300mm at the top. I would suggest you try and get as close to the size of the 'top plate' as you can to maximise the flexibility of the pier. Even if just for the last 150-200mm or so. You will hit the 300mm base when near vertical with any scope larger the your ED80, especially if you add a filter wheel etc.
  2. I have a Trius SX-694 with a dust spec on the inside of the front glass or on the ccd itself. The instructions for cleaning seem fairly straightforward as long as I am careful but is it really necessary to refill with Argon? SX have offered to clean and re-gas for little if any cost which is great and seems like a sensible option, but I will have to ship my camera back and forth which represents a risk. I am just wondering if anyone has undertaken this themselves?
  3. AstroNowt

    Baader 2" ClickLock M54 Clamp

    Hi I am looking for a 2" ClickLock to M54 (Skywatcher Dob) Baader no. 2956254 Would consider 2" ClickLock with 2" extension Thanks
  4. Found and soon on its way. Thanks @RichLD
  5. AstroNowt

    Eastern Veil Nebula.

    I like that a lot. Even more so considering the short integration/DSLR.
  6. I am looking for a Canon EF lens to T2 CCD adapter. I have en Ef 70-200 2.8L and a SX-694 and am keen to try them together. I have been considering purchasing the Geoptik 30A189. Possibly need a spacer as well? Not in a desperate hurry, but neither am I very patient! Thanks
  7. AstroNowt


    Hi Metro Good to see a dob lover doing outreach. A great combination.
  8. AstroNowt

    Meade 3.3 reducer wanted

    You need to reply to the ad in the for sale section. NigeB will not see your interest here.
  9. AstroNowt

    Eyepiece advice.

    Not ignorance, just me not explaining myself very well. I do mean 70 or 80 degrees FOV but a smaller focal length. A 40mm with 68 FOV will give a wide view but an exit pupil of 6.7mm on your dob. Too much for me for sure. I would be looking to see what I can get as close to 5mm as possible. My choice is the 28mm/68 with an exit pupil of 4.7. If I can find a reasonably priced 30mm/82 degree it will give me almost as wide a field of view as your 40mm/68 but an exit pupil of 5mm. Perhaps the attached image will help explain what I mean. I have the Maxvision (which is essentially a rebranded Meade) 28mm 68 degrees and will initially look to add an Explore Scientific 82 degrees 30mm if I can find one reasonably. The wishlist would be a Televue Panoptic 27mm (68) and Nagler 31 (82)
  10. AstroNowt

    Eyepiece advice.

    One point to note re. the wide eyepieces is if you are the wrong side of 45 (as a guide) the exit pupil of a 32mm+ on your dob may start to be too big for you. You may be better with a wider field of view (70-80) if you can.
  11. That is a lot of kit for the money there. A bargain for someone looking for a complete setup and should you decide to split it you will have plenty of takers I am sure. Good luck.
  12. I would like the Lacerta 10:1 and EQMOD cable please. PM sent.
  13. AstroNowt

    What's This For?

    It is for indexing your eyepieces. It is dark, you reach for your belt full of Baader eyepiece holsters, but which one is which? *Feels for the clip attached to the holster* Aha! Tab 2 lifted means 6.5mm, that is the one I want. No need for a torch.
  14. AstroNowt

    Which Lense to buy

    On the early Skywatcher dobs you need either a 2" or 1.25" extension/adapter. You could obviously get an aftermarket 2" to 1.25" adapter like yours to make life easier.

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