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  1. Hi from another "newbie"....
  2. Thank you James, I only meant to post once "duh" but put first one in the wrong place... me being a SGL novice, I am trying to get use to the site, again thank you for you information.
  3. Greetings from the "sunny" West Midlands. I have just joined SGL and look forward to learning from and "talking" to all of you. I have always been really interested on all things *Astronomy* which goes back to my school years (long ago ) and when I read "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan I was hooked, however, due to working full time along with other commitments I have not always had much spare time to spend on the subject I own a NexStar scope and am keep for advice and help on getting the best use out of it, I would love to eventually be able to take some "decent" photo's if I am lucky enough, I own a NIKON D300 at the mo but would condider *upgrading* if needed. I look forward to making new friends on this site and welcome comments and help if any of you wish to contact me, until then I'll say "Bye-for-now" and hopefully "speak" soon.
  4. Hello! and Greetings to everyone, I have just joined SGL, I love astronomy but do not always have time to get "stargazing" which I hope to rectify when possible. I live in the West Midlands and own a NexStar Celestion scope. I am also keen on learning about taking photos using my scope and camera (Nikon D300) so anyone who can help advise me I would be most grateful as I am complete novice in this field, I look forward to chatting and exchanging mails from other /novice/keen astronomers.
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