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  1. We look at a Thread/Post that has been brought to our attention and decide whether we think that Thread/Post is fit to be on our boards.... It is really as simple as that.
  2. As you had the post reinstated and an explanation was given, why did you feel the need to bring it up again? Did we not apologise hard enough the first time? I know you are going to say that incident had relevance to this the thread heading.... But it doesn't............
  3. emadmoussa, Was that post not reinstated and an explanation given?
  4. a 10" ERF would cost you somewhere in the region of £2500- £3000....
  5. I did the "stage 1" PST modification with an F5 4" refractor a few years ago. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here, but you don't need to be tampering with the ethalon to increase the F ratio. I made the mod possible by shortening the tube length. There is a difference between F10 being the optimum, against the misconception that it HAS to be F10. The one i modded gave me some of the best views i have had from a solar scope.
  6. Bob It would be a good idea to let us know as soon as possible who you are sharing with. We SGL/Admin still need to know these things in advance for a number of reasons. Please contact any Admin with this information.... Thanks
  7. You can indeed take part in this forum! It has nothing to do with your....human rights....... What it does have to do with is astronomy. If you cannot abide by our code of conduct that you agreed to on signing up then maybe this isn't the place for you. No one mentioned the fact you are a Humanist (except you), but YOU mentioned being an atheist and the question about ET or God? That my friend is guiding your thread in a religious direction and will not be tolerated. Please just go and enjoy the forum for what it is here for.......Astronomy........
  8. Hi cero_uno_clear, welcome to SGL..... I would also urge you to thoroughly read our Code Of Conduct (which you agreed to in order to sign up to the forum) before making any more posts. Discussing religion is not permitted on SGL.
  9. Jamie


    A nice way to bring a good will thread to its knees...... Nice one...... Not!!!!
  10. Of all the people that DIDN'T cash in on their fame..... Neil Armstrong gets most of my admiration...... The word Legend doesn't do him justice..... R I P
  11. Nice one StevieDvd.......... That needed saying.... @ Steve Ward, If in future you have any query's about FLO's pricing policy I suggest you contact them OFF forum.
  12. Jarrod Taking your point of view into consideration, that actually makes a lot of sense.....
  13. One of the guys at my work seen something moving in the sky (slow enough for him to grab his camera and take the following pics) Photos were taken at 0705am on Thursday 5th July. Object was NE of camera position (27°47’53.00”N 15°41’51.56”W). Can anyone shed any light on this, let me know its name/designation?
  14. Have to agree, i also love a good star trail image....
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