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  1. It is a shame our amazing hobby has to be done at the same time as sleeping! I got up at 3am to see Saturn last month and it was worth every minute of tiredness I suffered the next day at work. Here's to many more late nights following the wonders that the universe has to offer....
  2. I've been out there watching for it too. Tried to catch it with my scope last night but it moves too quickly! More practice needed if the favourable passes continue. It makes me smile to think that there are people up there who could be looking down at me. I follow Commander Hadfield on Twitter and he posts pictures from the ISS - they have some truly amazing views from their "home".
  3. I was in Hexham near Newcastle last weekend but only had one day and it was cloudy! I was amazed to find that the sky was completely black and not an orange glow like I am used to. I can only imagine what it would have looked like without cloud.....
  4. Hope you get a good first view. Take the time to appreciate what you are seeing rather than rushing to see everything at once - it will still be there tomorrow! Michael
  5. I found it in my first viewing session and keep wanting to go back and look. It blows my tiny mind that I am looking at another planet that is 400 million miles away! Seeing the cloud bands makes it seem so real and I am almost in disbelief that I can see it from my back garden. When I first found Saturn the sensation was even greater. A ringed planet is something that is used so often in fiction that is it hardly believable until you see it for yourself.
  6. I dd reply earlier so apologies if this appears twice. I thought it was too bright to be a meteor. When I've seen a shooting star it has always been fairly faint so could this have been a larger object or at the right angle for me to view? The brightness seemed to intensify and then tail off but this all happened in under a second. Thanks for your quick reply. Michael
  7. Hi everybody. I've just got in after my first look at Saturn - wow! I guess I set myself up for disappointment so was very pleased that the rings were clearly visible even though I lost track of it a few times! One of the times I was lost, I was looking through the (frankly useless) red dot finder to get my way back again and there was a flash of light just below Saturn. I am a little puzzled because it was too short in length and was over too quickly to be a satellite trail. I checked www.heavens-above.com for iridium flares and I am not due one for my location. Did anybody else see anything similar? Any ideas to what it could be? Michael
  8. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and we enjoy a good look up to the stars too. We haven't got to atoms yet but he loves nature and science. When I had a headache the other night I asked him to massage my head and he said he was drawing a spiral galaxy! Lets hope they keep up their interests!
  9. Saw it going over my head too. Was definitely the ISS as I had an email from NASA! Sign up to spotthestation.nasa.gov and you can get notifications of every visible pass. I also check heavensabove.com for satellite passes. Was the first time I had seen it for ages and ran in to get the wife and toddler but they were fairly unimpressed!
  10. Cloudy in MK too. Has been all evening except a brief glimpse of moon on the way home from work. When is the next near miss?.......
  11. I was thinking the same thing as I was driving home. Wouldn't dare tell the wife though! We have not had many clear nights recently so I hope it stays clear for the asteroid tomorrow.
  12. If you are on twitter then follow @cmdr_hadfield. He is the astronaut on the ISS who takes the pictures and puts two or three on every day. If you are not on twitter it is worth joining just for some of the views! I'm still trying to get over the fact he has internet access from up there.
  13. I do this but as others have said, only quick glances. I find headlights ruin the night vision anyway! My 2 year old son does it too when I pick him up from nursery and points out the moon and Jupiter to me. It is a shame it gets light in the evenings soon.....
  14. I have that scope and have so far been impressed on the limited use it has had! The red dot finder is pretty useless though but this is not the end of the world and for the price you say it is then you could upgrade in the near future if you need to.
  15. Sky watch is good for satellites and has quite a simple layout but Goskywatch has far more detail and labelling of objects. I use a combination of both to find what I am looking at. These free apps are great to open up astronomy to people who know little about what they are looking at with the naked eye (like me!) and now I can use them to look in more detail with my scope. swag72 if you are interested in satellites, look at www.heavens-above.com to name the satellites and show lots of other information. Michael
  16. Hi. I purchased the same scope at the weekend and was thinking the same thing! The lens cap seems to fit but just doesn't stay in place very well. There are two pieces of material stuck to the sides but I'm not sure if they are to help it fit or not. Is there a knack to putting it on? Michael
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