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  1. Hi Chaps, I haven't been on SGL for ages and it seems as though the section for secondhand equipment for sale has gone. Has it just moved somewhere difficult to find? If not, where is the best place other than ebay to find used equipment now? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I will give the avi recording a go for planets. Looks like Im gonna need to get myself some 2" barlows. Anyone know any reasonable quality but cheap 4x and 5x?
  3. Hi Guys Havent been on here for a while so I hope everyone is well. I am looking to get into basic astrophotography. I have a 8" Dobsonian and a new canon 500D digital slr camera. I know that I will need to re-mount the scope on something like a motorised EQ5/6 but I have no idea where you start with the camera. Is there an attachment which still allows you to use standard 1.25 ep's? If not, how for example could I zoom in on a planet without a lens? Sorry if this all a bit basic, but I realy have no idea what I'm doing or where to begin. Luke
  4. Hi guys, well I bought some 15x70 revelation bins in the end as they are the same as the celestron. Best thing is though I got stopped with them at Asmara airport and had them confiscated on grounds that they were military equipment!!! Binoculars are banned out here. Guys here said it was good I was stopped at customs and did not get caught using them, seems like I could have got arrested. Still they said they would give them back to me when I leave the country. So looks like I am not going to be able to take advantage of the viewing conditions out here :-( Any one have any ideas what I can d
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I am going to go for a pair of 15x70 due to a mixture of cost and weight. I think the larger ones are just going to be too heavy to travel with. Also thanks for the tip with the tripod adapter mod Olly, I'll give that a go.
  6. Im going to Eritrea, North Africa, next to Ethiopia. I can't wait, there is no light pollution at all. So do you think the 15x70 would be ok, would I see much more if I went for some 25x100? I cant really afford them but i could just about stretch if I didn't tell the misses. Do you know if these would be any good and if the price was right?... Zhummell Tachyon 25x100 Observation Binoculars on eBay (end time 04-Aug-09 20:05:32 BST) Thanks for your help.
  7. I posted last week about doing some astronomy while I’m out in Africa. I was going to buy some Celestron 15x70 Bins to take with me and pop on a camera tripod as I can't get my 8" dobsonian in my hand luggage . The problem is, I like my DSOs and would be gutted if I can't see any. I went out tonight to find dumbbell neb to test the binoculars I have but saw nothing , Jupiter was a bit rubbish as well. Do you think I will see many DSOs with the Celestons? If not are there any reasonably priced bins that I could buy? Also are there any 20x of a similar size and price? Any advice would be appreci
  8. Hi Guys!!! I'm off to darkest Africa in a couple of weeks to a country many people have never heard of called Eritrea which lies in the horn of Africa between Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia - A REAL HOLIDAY DESTINATION . Anyway, as the place where I am staying is out in the desert, the skys should be very dark. I obviously can't take my 8 inch dob on the plane so I am thinking Bins and tripod! I have a couple already, but my larger ones are not that great. Do you think it would be a good idea to buy some celestron 15x70 and stick them on my camera tripod? I just think it would be criminal not to
  9. I love saturn, I cant wait until the rings begin to tilt again. Does anyone know how many years do we have to wait?
  10. Well got out last night after waiting ages for the dam clouds to clear, drove to a remote spot clear of lights and had an amazing view of the night sky with the milky way shining bright right through the middle. I do have to say it was blumming freezing though!!! :mrgreen: Got to see Andromeda for first time, oh my god! Everyone should be forced to look at this, its such an incredible sight! Also saw orion nebula again and whirlpool galaxy, tried to look at 81/82 but couldn't find it. Unfortunatly had to retire before I got a chance to look at the clusters I had planned viewing due to my body
  11. Hi again guys. Had an amazing night viewing again tonight seeing the mind blowing Andromeda for the first time as well as Whirlpool galaxy and some other bits. Wanted to see some clusters but ran out of time. I am now wondering what would be the best upgrade for the scope? I was going to get a Celestron Xcel 5mm for looking at planets but have got very excited about DSOs in the last couple of days. So what do you think would be the best upgrade for viewing nebula, galaxies, clusters etc. I have only really been using my 20mm EP that came with my skywatcher scope, although this seems good, woul
  12. Hi Bob! Where abouts in Cornwall are you? I'm down in Carbis Bay. Did you get a chance to go out tonight (Tues)? I am also new to this and totally hooked. Got my first scope off my misses for christmas. Took it out nr Gwithian away from any lights and got an amazing view of night sky including milky way. Managed to see Orion galaxy, Andromeda, Whirlpool galazy and Saturn as well as some other stuff - You have got to see Andromeda, it blew me away - so big and bright! Anyway hope to see you on the forums over the new year. Luke
  13. Right - plan for tonight: Check out M31 as I have been waiting to see this for ages then try and find M81/82 as recommended by Mick, while I'm in that area I might try M51 as well. I will also try and get to M36/37/38 that you mentioned Mark as I haven't seen any clusters yet either. If I have time I might have a scout around Canes Venatici as there seems to be a lot of Messier objects in that region. So all I have to do now is pop down the parish church and spend the rest of the day praying that the BBC weather forcast is correct
  14. Sounds like a good nights viewing Sam. Great to hear the kids are getting into it! I think M31 is going to be my next target. Russ - do the OIII and UHC make much of a difference?
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