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  1. Well done and great control of Alintak , impressive
  2. Hi All I had taken three hours of Ic5070 October 22, 2011. Taken with 8 "Newton f / 5 SW Neq6pro and Canon 1000Da . Iso 400. Subs at 600 seconds. Stacks with DSS and processed in Photoshop. Hope you like it.
  3. Yes you are right Peter and thank you for comment
  4. Hello. Here is a picture of Garrads from October 16, 2011 taken with Canon 1000d (home modified) , 8 "newton f / 5 and SW Neq6 pro. 3 x 120 seconds iso 400 darks used. Hope you like it. A little noise is due to the short exposure time. I was hoping for about one hour in total but there was a tree in sight Here is the so
  5. Hi Neil Nice Ic 405 impressive. and then with a unmodded canon 1000 even when you have a long total exposure time. Have even tried nebula with a modded canon 40d since it also requires a fair amount of time. Good details in the fog, could perhaps be stretched a little more, just my opinion. see my link to ic 405 http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5002/5327409702_c0bf344747_b.jpg
  6. Thanks for the nice comments
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