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  1. I have a Telrad and i used the double sided tape on the mounting brackets so I could just sick it to the optical tube. Then you screw the Telrad onto the mounting bracket. It seems secure and doesn't move this way and it means you don't have to go screwing holes in the tube. I would add (at least with my Telrad) get the dew shield, in this weather it dews up and becomes useless after about 15 minutes.
  2. Thanks a lot, I think ill get the goto then and have a fiddle with the focuser next time I'm out instead of throwing money at it and hoping it goes away.
  3. Hi, I had my Skywatcher 200p on a EQ5 mount for a month or so now and have managed to get it out on the few clear nights we have had. I currently have two problems; 1) I am struggling to find the anything. I know my targets general positions in the sky relative to the major constellations but can't for the life of me seem to find them. I can easily find things like Juipter, Pleiades, M42 etc but other than that i am having real trouble. It is getting rather frustrating, I know i am in the right area for an object but just can't seem to find it. 2) The stock focuser and me do not get on. I really don't like it, there is no room for fine adjustments and when trying to focus the stiffness of it shakes the telescope violently at higher magnifications. I can only really afford one. Do i fork out the cash for a top quality crayford focuser (i was thinking of getting a Moonlight CR2) to improve my viewing experience whilst continuing to struggle to find objects? Or do i get the Synscan upgrade for my mount and be able to find a wider variety of objects whilst struggling to get finer detail from the focuser? I'm currently leaning towards the focuser as it will transfer when i eventually upgrade my scope and i will probably get better at finding objects if i just put in the effort. Thanks.
  4. Hi to you all from rural Shropshire. I spent a lot of time as a kid on the local farms staring at the stars and have a keen interest in physics so decided to get a 200p Skywatcher in December. I've been lurking for a while now and without you guys help would not have a clue so thankyou all so much.
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