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  1. Hi Callump, I pretty much in the centre of all of those clubs mentioned. I live in Burford, so your club and Abingdon are about similar distance away Chippy is closest so i may look into that but im will ing to travel to either depending on meets,etc as i want to get the most out of it
  2. Cheers James i will look at that when Im on my laptop. I've been viewing on my phone (hence the typos due to poor autocorrect function!) Thanks for all the welcome messages guys, looks like a good bunch of people here
  3. Hi Im new but saw the title and had to say hi as Im originally from Heysham, however normally just say Morecambe as people know it better
  4. Wookie that sounds really good, Im up for that. Midnight_sky_watcher I was in the signals for 6 years, feel insignificant to your 22! I was attached to P coy lads throughout my time and worked along side both SFSG and Pathfinders (also the marines equivalent the BRF in Afghan) having worked with those guys I take my hat of to you for sticking it out!
  5. Hi Wookie, thanks, it is indeed very lovely and I am very lucky to live here. Most importantly the light pollution is quite low here so we can get good skies! Can't wait to go have a play, shame the cloud cover is bad tonight, however the friend didn't pack everything in the box so I couldn't use it even if I wanted too.
  6. Hi, just wanted to say hello. I've just been given a telescope for free from a friend (a Celestron NexStar 60SLT). I have always wanted a telescope (scope or whatever the correct lingo is!) however I knew out had to spend a fair bit of money to benefit properly and as a complete noobie I was reluctant to do so. However seen as this has happened Im rather happy. I have read a few reviews and realise this is only a basic telescope however for startup it will do. If I become hooked which I imagine I will, I would be upgrading as I would love to start taking photo etc especially with the comet com
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