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  1. Pretty much decided on it, seems like a reasonable step up for someone still relatively new. I've heard good things about First Light Optics so will place an order with them soon. Thanks agan everyone!
  2. Yeah, exactly what I wanted to know. I still feel I'm finding my feet in this hobby after a good first year and I think the 130 will do for many years to come. Thanks for the suggestions about the 150 though, really appretiate them!
  3. Thanks Paul! I appretiate the advice about the 150 but to hear that there is a noticeable difference will probably do for me. Thanks again for all the info though!
  4. No bother, I'm told it's spelled the Gaelic way... I have a table in the garden and a decent camping chair to sit with. The biggest worry was would there be anough of a difference to appretiate between my scope just now and the 130 or go for something bigger, I appretiate the pointers!
  5. Thanks for that Derek. I have a few eyepieces donated from family who no longer use them (their scope has been long sold) so I'm lucky in that respect and have something to start with. The scope I have now is far too wobbly to do them justice. Thanks Ronin, not at all upset, I decided to try and aim for the 130 becasue I'd hoped to be moving later in the year, I'd set asside some pennies to play with and was hoping to not go too far over. With the weather, travelling out to the darker skies is a rare occurence!
  6. Good evening all, I've spent a year with a Celestron travel scope http://www.celestron.com/astronomy/celestron-travel-scope-70.html and enjoyed a good few sights with it, learning the sky and managing a few sights like Saturn (tiny), Jupiter's moons and our own moon. Now I'm looking for small upgrade, keeping simplicity and costs relatively low. After a few weeks reading around various sites, mostly here as the advice is great, it would appear that a sensible upgrade would be the Skywatcher Heritage 130p Flextube. Would this offer a noticable difference? I mostly look at planets and the moon. In Glasgow the light pollution is bad but being able to transport it to darker skies not a far drive with little set up time is the biggest draw for me. Thanks in advance for any help, Iain
  7. Still not looking good for the next few days... I managed to get out in the garden a few nights ago and get a good look at Orion, saw the nebula and the two big stars, good viewing. Looking forward to the moon coming back to the night sky for a good look at that!
  8. Thanks a lot for that! It's a relief to know that I don't have to travel as far as Ayr to escape some of the light pollution! Just a thin cloud would be great! I'll probably have to miss tomoro but think it's to get clearer, and colder, for the end of the week. Hopefully scout these areas for myself then. Good luck tomoro and thanks again!
  9. Hi everyone! New to it all, only got the Celestron Travelscope for Christmas (since added a 2x Barlow) and before that had just been using Binos. Enjoying what I'm seeing while learning the ropes before moving on to better scopes etc. I've yet to see Andromeda but I'm pretty capable following Jupiter over a night seeing the moons and picking out the nebula in Orion, still amazing sights each time. I'd love to try out these sites and have been closely following the post read only but the whole site seemed friendly for noobs like me to join in! I'm on the south side so Barrhead and the Braes are best for me but I know the east of the city from my gf so I'm comfortable driving there. The only thing I was wondering is how great the views can be? The fact dtr42 says the milky way is clear from the carpark close to Barrhead is amazing! Is the milky way much more obvious from locations that, compared to the likes of Galloway Forest, are still relatively close to Glasgow?
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