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  1. I want to do both really. If needed, ill save more money up a buy two different rigs for the different types. I will be buying the DOS rig first though.
  2. Iv just bought the book online. Going to look through it later.
  3. I have just been looking at the ED80 on the net, they look good. Because I don't know much about them, I am not going go out and buy one yet. I think I will try and meet up with people that know more and look at their rigs to see how they work and find out some more information. Its a lot of money if I buy the wrong things.
  4. Yes I am looking to take pictures of both DSO and planets close to us.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have a laptop and a computer with imaging software, its the telescope part that I don't know much about. I have been reading about using a webcam instead of a camera for planets, why is this better? For a telescope I am looking around £1500 with the mount, and around £500 for a Camera.
  6. So am planning on buying a telescope this year and also want a camera that can be attached to take pictures. I have see this done but do not know how. I have a Foundation Degree in Computing but the only thing I don't know about is cameras and telescopes. Can someone help me find the right equipment for what I am looking to do? I am looking for a telescope that can be upgraded, like buy new lenses so I don't have to buy a new one. The camera could be the same so i can just add better lenses on the end.(Dont know much about how they work.) I have seen telescopes that have a computerized motor
  7. Mathu Ali


    Hey all, My name is Mathu and I live in Wigan. Iv come to the community to get some advice on telescopes and cameras. I have been interested in space and astronomy for many years but now I want to get involved more.
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