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  1. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll go for Baader Hyperion 13mm
  2. I'm in the process of upgrading my eyepieces for my Startravel 120 & want one for deep sky at a budget of £100. Wayne
  3. Me & my daughter really enjoyed the star party, there was some impressive kit on show, just like to thank the organizers for event & all the friendly stargazers, looking forward to next year. Wayne
  4. Booked Thurs, Fri & Sat night, my first star party, can't wait
  5. At the moment I'm just taking photos with a SLR film camera. I've seen DMK 21AU04.AS Mono on FLO, does anyone have one of these & are they any good? Or should I go out and get a digital camera, if so can someone recommend me one under the £500 mark?
  6. I got the scope out this morning to look at Saturn, last time I looked at it the rings were head on, this time I could see them, wow! Also took a look at Venus.
  7. After watching the 1st & 2nd episode I enjoyed it, I could stomach Dara but Ross got on my nerves abit. Liked the photography tips & pics what some people sent in + the girl
  8. I like hiking, camping & cycle touring
  9. I'm planning on going to the Galloway in the next month or so before I go to my first SGL star party, with coming from Stoke on Trent I'm lucky to see a star, can't wait. Have any of you ventured up there?
  10. I'm thinking of buying a Skywatcher Skymax 102 tube only, but want to know which tripod is best? i've seen the William optics & horizon from FLO, not sure which one to choose? I like the height of the horizon because i'm going use my binos as well, does anyone know the height of the William optics tripod?
  11. I'm ready purchase a Skywatcher Maksutov 127 scope from FLO but i don't want the mount what comes with it because some are quite heavy & bulky. I want to attach it to a normal camera tripod for portability, what bracket will i need or does it come with one?
  12. can anyone tell me if the phenix line of telescopes are any good? Phenix 114mm 4.5" Reflector Telescope - complete set. on eBay (end time 12-Mar-10 17:17:01 GMT)
  13. Yes i'll be going, can't wait:bino2:
  14. the lights in my area are on all night:mad: i'm gonna buy a air rifle, take em all out:evil6:
  15. After i put a post up about Dobsonian Telescopes, i've decided to go for a Celestron Omni XLT 150 from FLO for £229. It seemed good value and got good reviews+i liked the look of it .
  16. Can someone recommend me a Dobsonian scope please? Max £400
  17. This is my second attempt using Philips SPC 900NC webcam and Skymax 90mm
  18. Over a week ago i was doing some stargazing about 11pm with my binoculars and noticed a moving object in the sky. I couldn't see it with the naked eye, only when i used the bino's i could see it. It wasn't flashing like a plane does, plus it moved alot faster. Then the other night i was out with my girlfriend about 10pm, she saw a similar object to the one i saw. Is it possible i could of seen a satellite, or could it be something else?
  19. This is my first attempt using a Philips SPC 900NC webcam and a Skymax 90mm Maksutov (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  20. My Skywatcher Skymax 90mm Maksutov Cassegrain
  21. I live in Hanley-Stoke on Trent where there's alot of light pollution, could someone recommend me a good spot for observing the night sky in the Staffordshire area?
  22. Well i got my first sighting of Saturn last week , then last night looked out my window to find a bright object in the sky. So i checked on Stellarium to find what it might be, it was Venus , couldn't get over how bright it was.
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