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  1. thought it was a leap year that year ...it was wednesday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The way i look at it is by looking at the ring nebula and the star in the centre is the so called big bang and the ring as the aftermath ....it is spreading out in all directions..the opposite side of the ring to us would be moving away quicker than the sides even though it is all going the same speed.....but until we know where the edges of our universe are , we wont know where the centre is if there is one !
  3. I am undecided about the big bang theory and if there was a big bang and everything is expanding away from it does that mean the part of the universe expanding on the opposite side of the big bang is now 28 billion light years away ???
  4. Hi If the light from the big bang is reaching us after 14 billion years approx !!....then how long ago was the big bang actually ?????
  5. Having the same problem lol. i look at he ring nebula and imagine this as the big bang with all the dust ,gas and debris moving away from the blast site,,as the ring moves away it starts forming into galaxies in all positions but still moving away from the blast at the same speed...and now we can see the light from these galaxies at different positions of the ring as it still moves away from the blast site.....if you imagine our local group at the top of the ring and we see galaxies out there at say 2 million upto 2 billion light years away then these galaxies maybe at 1 or 2 0clock or 10 or 11 0clock in the ring ....then we see light from 4 to 8 billion light years away ..these could be the galaxies at 3 to 5 oclock or 9 to 7 oclock in the ring .but the red shift would show these moving away faster than the closer galaxies but actually going the same speed ....then we find light from galaxies 13 billion light years away these would be at 6 oclock in the ring and red shift would show these the most distant and moving away faster.......thats it the white coats are coming to pick me up lol brain as gone
  6. i was talking to a professor at college years ago and he said space just goes on forever and there could be loads of big bangs ....he would not say universe cos it only means one lol ...
  7. Hi i know we can see almost back to the big bang.....does that mean we can actually see our own part of the universe being created and actually our own local group of galaxies being formed...for some reason this baffles me at times....they can see now take photos of clusters of galaxies 13 billion light years away when it was more condensed..do we know if some of these galaxies are now...we may be seeing galaxies from 13 billion years ago but due to expansion like a balloon we could be part of these cluster of galaxies......just every now and again i think like this lol .......plus if there was a big bang why cant there also be other big bangs somewhere out in the far reaches of space and due to expansion can galaxies from these other big bangs interact with ours ..............right will have my tablets now and get back to normal
  8. stevegaze

    COLD !

    Why cant we have frost free scopes lol .....same problem here ..lovely clear skies everything frosted up and me .........
  9. What a cheek lol ...would love people to come and look through my scope for nothing lol !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hi Is there anybody in the wolverhampton area who likes to have a couple of hours out star gazing ..especially sat nights ....
  11. Yes Craig....ready and waiting cheers...
  12. Cheers Craig .....got the software loaded..just waiting for good night.....think there is one in july lol !!!
  13. HI . i have bought a meade DSI for my LX200 12" ....Got laptop etc ..Do i need anything else to start imaging Thanks...
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