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  1. Thanks Paul that's brilliant, I'll definitely be joining up!
  2. I think (for my meager outlay) I have found the following new models. Some seem very cheap so are perhaps a waste of time, would be great to know if anyone has experience of them? Helios Solana 10x50 (£29.99) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Helios-10x50-Solana-Binoculars/dp/B00844VJ0O/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1429287822&sr=1-10&keywords=10x50+binoculars Clestron Upclose G2 Porro 10x50 (£33.89) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Olympus-118760-Binocular-10x50-DPS-1/dp/B0000AKGX3/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1429287822&sr=1-1&keywords=10x50+binoculars Opticon As
  3. Ok, thanks for your advice I am going to look for the best set of 10x50 porros I can. Should I go for the fixed focus models?
  4. Thanks for your replies everyone. I'm finally excepting I need to learn the sky rather than relying on my phone app(s). I'll grab a book! I'm South Norfolk, close to the Seething Observatory and would like to join the Norwich Club, but having never been a member of an Astronomy Club I wondered how people would feel with me effectively turning up and asking for free basic tuition!? I have a digital copy of turn Left at Orion, but have never used it because like you say a book is better. I'll have to get a copy! Would you say 15x70 is too heavy to hold for long periods? Whilst I would like
  5. Hi, So I have a range of entry level Astronomy gear (see signature), but I can't seem to polar align or navigate around the sky. What I desperately need is some 1-1 tuition, but that is not something I can find! 've come to the conclusion (2 years to late) that I should get a set binoculars and sit in the garden for a while to learn where stuff goes (perhaps including some bright DSOs?). As I would only ever want these to be for hand-held use and from reading a bit online it looks like the best value for money would be a set of Porro-prism 10x50 Binoculars. Does this sound about right? If so
  6. Thanks for all the info Alexxx, still not been out with my mount since I started this thread due to clouds or a crying baby!
  7. Ok, thanks for the help. Do you think the extra money on usb3 is worth it on the zwo?
  8. Getting lots of recommendations for that cam, but for the colour so I can do planetary. As a beginner I don't know if messing with filters would be too much?
  9. Hi, so I need a guide cam and have been set on a mono due to the increased sensitivity (so I read). However thinking about it, if possible, I'd like to do a bit of planetary with it. Should I go colour? Would it make it harder to find a guide star, which I've never done before!
  10. Thanks gnomus, i'll have a look at these. I'm sure I read people have webcams working, but perhaps they don't do very well or for a beginner like me it will only make things more difficult.
  11. Thanks John, Looks like pulse guiding will save me a little money (if I can get a webcam to guide).
  12. Ouch, so guide cameras are expensive.
  13. I have the older version of that, with the big HITECH box in the middle.
  14. By the way, I already have the Hitech EQDir adapter, but this is for EQMod to slew etc, not the ST4 stuff?
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