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  1. I saw it on the 12th but my photos show nothing!! 100 photos show nothing and one photo shows a barely visible smudge. Overall I will give it an A for my naked eye sighting on march 12th.
  2. I need some good tunes to listen to while I'm stargazing. Music makes my observing experience better.
  3. cant wait to snap some pics of the moon tonight

  4. Comet panstarrs is in the evening sky now in the west, as It fades and heads northward, there is another comet coming, c/2012s1(ISON) is expected to put on a great show this October through december. Me and many others expect the comet to reach expectactions. But what are the chances of it fizzling out in late October or November too great to expect a "comet of the century"?
  5. I have 4 ideas for the countywide photography contest and I don't know which picture to use. I need the forums help picking out a picture to use. Ideas 1. The 1 day old crescent moon 2. Jupiter taken with the camera through the eyepiece 3. The black drop effect in the 2012 Venus transit 4. a cool waxing gibbous moon pic
  6. P.S. if you look in the right of the center of the image taken on march 12th, you will see a small yellow object, that my friends, is comet panstarrs.
  7. long time no see members, i havent posted anything since february, comet panstarrs was supposted to be my county and/or statewide photograthy contest winner, but my dumb camera thought otherwise, no comet, just a yellow fuzz that is hard to discern from the sky, a failure and now i have to improvise a plan B. what can it be.............................. 1. a good moon pic i took 2. a pic of jupiter that shows lots of detail 3.a pic of the black drop effect from the 2012 venus transit 4.a picture of mercury in the fading twilight or 5. a pic of the 1 day old moon i need the publics opinion abou
  8. Ill better put this on my astronomical calender, i bet it is on it already. What a sight to see if the weather is right.
  9. I found jupiter near the waning gibbous moon last year, two hours before sunset. I found Venus many times in the daylight,my most memoriable encounter: After sunrise in july of last year. And i tracked it until i decided to stop at dinnertime. I should try to see saturn in daylight when it comes around.
  10. It was a miracle, it cleared after midnight on the 10th and i easily tackled M89, another virgo cluster object. It was a oval with a odd looking core. The core was mottled. This object was near a bright white star. I now have four messiers left( and they are all summer objects!!)
  11. I thinking i am writing my reports wrong, they are too short and are scattered all over the house. I feel like i am doing something wrong. I think i need to put them in a binder.
  12. I found the seyfert galaxy M88 tonight. M88 was mottled and had a very bright core. This galaxy was easy to notice. my messier total is now 105/110.
  13. Mine has been working for two years without changing batteries. Ive even left it one for long periods of time (5 days) and it is now shining not 100%. It is doubtful it will last much longer. It is less prone to dew up like the telerad as jabberwocky said.
  14. M82 is a nice sight. It is easy to find even in the worst seeing conditions.
  15. Robstargazer15

    Venus transit 2012

    i was viewing it in st louis, Missouri, mostly clear for a transit of venus.
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