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  1. I have made a tempory light shroud for my Heritage 130p out of card and duct tape, it is the type that slides inside the tube when the trus tube section is collapsed and does not need to be removed, this works ok but the card casts paper dust onto the primary mirror over time. I have an exercise mat that is begging to be cut up & is perfect for the job but it is grey, is this an absolute no no, does a light shroud have to be black and no other colour ?
  2. How accurate is the goto and tracking on this scope flyingfuzz ? i have no experience of a goto scope and wondered how good it actually was.
  3. The guys need to know your price range before they can make suggestions, what did happen to that 13mm eyepiece please tell? we are intrigued now ;-D
  4. Same as me Trillian, i have a 130p as well, the Heritage, i bought the Heritage as a beginner scope to see if my interest would grow, i am looking to move up to this scope primarily because it has GoTo with the new peppier Synscan V4 handset & mount wich has FreedomFind and also because of the better focuser plus the slightly bigger aperture is a bonus. I still have a few questions and would like to see an in depth warts and all review of this new scope, the best review so far is by Astronomy and nature TV on youtube as you will have most likely seen.The spider is plastic and looks chunky,
  5. I was thinking that but the Star Discovery scope has the new mount with freedom find & has a slightly bigger aperature with a better focuser too, i need to talk to flyingfuzz and ask him a few questions.
  6. I found a youtube vid showing that the primary mirror is marked in the usual way, all i need to know now is the primary mirror removeble for cleaning because over time it will get dirty. I am new to computerised mounts, do these mounts need to be dead level to operate correctly?
  7. Is the primary mirror centre marked & is it removeable for cleaning ? I want this scope, I am soooo jelous like that girl off the teasers advert ;-D LOL
  8. I currently own a Heritage 130p and i really enjoy using it, i have had it for a year now and i am considering moving to a scope with goto and tracking to make life easier, objects do whizz across the eyepiece at high mag!. I am considering the Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150P or the Skywatcher Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO scopes from FLO. I would prefer the Star Discovery 150P because of the bigger aperture and the newer controller but i see that it does not have the normal collimation screws because it is "factory collimated" for life, surely there must be some way of tweaking it in case it
  9. After owning a Heritage 130p for a year and loving it i am considering this scope but i am put off by the fact that there are no collimation screws, what if it needs a little tweak? is it possible to remove the primary mirror cover and adjust it a little?
  10. Looks just what i need but they don't ship off world ;-( "PLEASE NOTE - This item is not available to be mailed outside of the UK or for Royal Mail Special Delivery in view of the size and or weight." I will have a dig on amazon for something similar....
  11. Back again with more questions ;-D I have collimated my Heritage 130p the best i can with a colli cap, the pic below shows that my secondary is slightly twisted :- This slight twist is on purpose to achieve this level of optical alignment :- Without this twist of the secondary mirror holder my collimation is as in this pic :- So my question is, is it better to keep the slight twist of the secondary, how critical is it for good sharp views ?, the only other way is to remove the secondary holder and bend the rod that connects the scope to the secondary holder so i can achieve the correct pos
  12. Can anybody that has had foam from amazon uk to make a light shroud recommend a seller, an A2 sized piece will be big enough for my Heritage 130p, as i intend to make the internal version like in the vid below, there are just so many to choose from its hard to know which will be suitable.
  13. Thanks guys, i think i will get a blower and 1 of those lens pens, they look the job.
  14. In the book "The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide, Third Edition" its says to use a camel hair brush to remove fine dust and debris from your optics, i know it is not good practice to clean your optics often so i wont, the secondary mirror on a newt needs the occasional waft with a brush now and again because of its possition, i just wondered what you guys use and where did you get it from?
  15. Hi Digger1895 i was reading this old thread too because i need to make a light shroud for my heritage 130p, those damn street lights! i came across this on youtube:- Now thats damn sexy, it collapses into the tube so no need to keep removing it after use and also offers a little dust/particle protection to the secondary as well. I will do 1 in card but will search for a more suitable material like neoprene or plastic, i think he is using neoprene in the vid but its hard to tell as the maker has not responded to any queries.
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