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  1. They might not be on the final version. But agree with Alan, it wouldn't bother me.
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL.
  3. Hello, welcome to SGL.
  4. Its a no go for me tonight I'm afraid.
  5. Be interesting to see how this scope develops. Who knows the end result may be carbon fibre
  6. I've still got my Tasco I didn't get it in Tescos and I haven't used it on Trusco . Hi and welcome to SGL.
  7. Hello from me too. Welcome to the forum
  8. Hi Steve, its the very small plastic insert that goes in the the sides of the of the mount that the tension handles go into to stop them burring the wood. Don't worry I realise theres not a hope of finding it. Should be able to get one in a DIY store, do you know what they would be called? it has a lip at one end to stop them going right though. I'll get two and stick them in with glue to stop them falling out again.
  9. Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it tonight at the moment. But if you go, have a good one and don't get blown away. If you see a part of my Dob base that fell off last time give me a shout . Neil.
  10. Tell me more tell me more. If you put that on your focuser it would be like Grease Lightning.
  11. Could not agree more. Welcome to SGL Lynda. Its a great example of how some people can inspire others. Wish we could all see the episode.
  12. Yes it does face South, north is tree lined. Ive seen some nice views of mercury and venus setting from there. But not sure of the east, as Steve said you may be ok from the grass think there are only small trees in that direction. Good luck.
  13. Well it looks like someone was taking notice at sky-watcher HQ. I've tried 2 of the supplied 10mm eyepieces and been disappointed with them I know we often hear that some people find them ok, and was beginning to wonder if quality was up and down. My view is that the 10mm ( the older one) should have not been supplied with faster newts and dobs as it does't show them in there best light. Perhaps times are changing which has to be a good thing.
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