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    Geophysics, Geology, Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Cosmology, Astronomy, Space Science, Mathematics, Engineering, History, Nature, Reading, Mountains... and Music!!!
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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone Welrod50 - So sorry about that, here is an amended link http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/info_B120250.html
  2. Hi there everyone! Newbie here in Norwich, Norfolk :-) I've been interested in Astronomy from a very early age, though only really started stargazing last year when I was bought a telescope for Crimbo. It's... (please don't laugh too much - I've seen the posts on here already).. a Seben Big Boss 1400mm 150 reflector. I've used it a couple of times and it didn't seem too bad to me (with a very untrained eye!). Saw Jupiter and its moons, and the Moon. I've also had a go with my father-in-law's scope (another reflector I think), which was fun. Last winter I also borrowed his bird-watching bins and spent many nights looking at, amongst other things, the Orion constellation and the Pleiades cluster. Other than that, I have spent many years gazing up at the stars with just my eyes! I have also been to a couple of the public nights at Seething Observatory - with the NAS. I hope to become a fully-fledged member this year! I would really like to spend a lot of time in the future stargazing and learning the ropes - I could probably count the amount a telescope sessions that I have actually ever had on both hands. I would also love to pick up my own set of bins this month, but I don't have a very big budget. I've seen these and quite fancy them - any help or recommendations? I also read somewhere about getting bins collimated before use. Do you know if this company does this? I've always had an issue with the images not matching up with any set of bins I have looked through, and end up shutting one eye!!! Anyway, a bit more about me: I'm an Office Geophysicist with Gardline Geosurvey, and I'm also studying with the Open University. I have completed the module S283 'Planetary Science and the Search for Life' which was brilliant. I'm studying an engineering module this year which is exciting. Generally, you could say that I am a bit of a geek and an information sponge. I love geology, physics, maths, cosmology, astronomy, space science, traveling, music and reading. That's it for now I think! Nice to meet you all and hope you are all having a great start to the New Year. Many thanks in advance for any advice or tips you can give me
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