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  1. Thanks all for your replies. As you can guess bit of a newbie still but enjoying the learning process. Will feedback a bit later once I've had a play. Cheers Neil
  2. Ah ok so not always spot on. I'd assumed that it should be exact...... Maybe if I listed my process it might shed some light on my issue! Setup scope outside, roughly pointing to Polaris Use Polemaster to get pretty good Polar alignment. Open Stellarium and notice my scope sight is pointing roughly at polaris but not exact (as in the image). Slew to object say M81 but can't see it as stellarium and scope aren't aligned between themselves. So my question probably should be..... Is it possible to get that scope sight when I open Stellarium sitting on spot on Polaris? Or do I use another progam to align what my scope is pointing to, to what I want to look at??
  3. Just setup both directly and still got same problem. Telescope slews ok to all objects but my scope sight even though polar aligned isn't pointing to Polaris is CDC or Stellarium!
  4. Think I've figured it out. It's something to do with Alignment points in EQMod app. Mine is blank Julian what's your list like??
  5. So just installed 6.4 SP1 and EQAscom on another latpop and getting the exact same issue!
  6. Yeah I'm running 6.4 SP1. Just downloaded it again and reinstalled and also reinstalled EQASCOM v2.00q again and getting same errors.
  7. So using Stellariumscope in sets up a Slew to, a sync anmd a cancel mode. This is what I see when I open up Stellarium (first image) Assuming I've setup my scope outside and polar aligned it. The sync command should move the telescope to the object (Polaris). So you use Ctrl + 1 to slew to an object - this works fine I can also cancel Ctrl + 5. But I can't sync Ctrl + 3. Sync is supposed to move the Telescpe object to the desired point in my case polaris. I tried doing the same in CDC and can slew to an object (scope moves accordingly) and can cancel slew, but can't sync to an object. It's can't be a Stellarium\CDC issue as commands work so must be ASCOM\EQMod but just don't know what!!
  8. Have changed to COM2 and working as expected. Can slew ok just can't sync. The troubling thing for me is I can't sync using the EQMOD Sim telescope in either Stellarium or CDC
  9. I've checked Device manager and got 3 coms ports. Comms Port (COM1) USB Serial Port (COM 15) USB Serial Port (COM16) I've got a the Lynx Astro USB EQ Direct connector for HEQ5 to Eagle computer. Basically RJ45 to USB. I checked and it is COM 16.
  10. Hi Dr J! Got a HEQ-5 Pro and yes have Ascom driver installed, actually should check that..... Let me try the new Ascom setup for Stellarium. I did try CDC and was getting the same issue, slew and cancel fine just errors on sync.
  11. Hi all Have a little problem that is driving me nuts! Just got myself a Eagle Pro computer for my scope and setting up all the bits and pieces, have installed Stellarium 0.19.3 and Stellarium Scope and can Slew (Ctrl + 1) and Cancel (Ctrl + 5) within Stellarium and works a treat, however the sync (Ctrl + 3) doesn't do anything. I installed Cartes du Ciel to see if I could get on with it and getting the same issue. Can connect to telescope and slew and cancel but can't sync. I'm roughly pointing at Polaris but not close enough. Have checked my lat/long settings and they match within all 3 apps. Had a look at the logs files in stellariumcope and they don't show anything in layman terms! Have got this error message in CDC (below image) and had similiar in Stellarium Scope. Have also tried using the EQMod_Sim telescope and getting exact same behaviour. Anyone had similar issues?? Was working perfectly on my laptop before I switched over to the Eagle!
  12. Hey all having trouble with syncing Stellarium scope with an object again. Not sure if an update changed something but used to be Ctrl + 3 but now that fuction is for a 3rd telescope. Anyone know what shortcut is now???
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