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  1. Hi all Just getting into my new kit and having a few minor issues. I'm sure it's something simple...... Got new Evostar 80ed setup and aligned on the mount as per the instructions. I then open stellarium scope and EQMOD and see it all ok, set to home position and then when I open Stellarium I can see my scope circle. So the question is. When I do polar alignment, I use the new polemaster and the accompaning software the align accuratley. But in Stellarium my scope circle is not postioned over polaris! Is there something I'm missing?? My long and Lat are set correctly in both. If I slew to Polaris within Sterallrium I'm no longer looking at polaris through the scope! Attached is what I'm seeing (daylight but higher circle is polaris).
  2. SW 80ED SW HEQ5 with Rowan mod SW Field Flattener FLO adapter Just bought from FLO and should be pre-xmas delivery...........
  3. Hi all Just looking at an early'ish Xmas present for myself. Which scope would folks go for... the SW or the WO? And can anyone recommend a good starting CCD\CMOS cam to plug onto the scope...... Thanks Neil
  4. Those remote shutters are really good value for money, I'm sure I only paid £20-£30 for mine and your Lens is more than good enough to shoot what you're after. I went for this https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/altair-60mm-guide-scope-gpcam2-package.html bit over budget - a 50mm scope would be more than sufficient, think the cheapest package I found was about £285 ish. I'm thinking my next upgrade will be a decent mono cam and filters.
  5. I've got SA and had been thinking about adding a small refractor to the kit, but the consensus (from posts on these forum's) are that the equipment I've got is good enough for SA and the next jump is a big one, a Refractor (or other scope) on a HEQ5/6. So I'll second the guiding for longer exposure times - that's the route I went - still getting to grips with it......... Out of interest what F ratio are your lenses? I've a 150-500mm with a F/5.6-6.3 so just as good small refractor for F ratio and Focal length.
  6. You could look at either of these websites for decent areas of Dark skies then see if any have an area that suits you needs. https://darksitefinder.com/map/ https://www.lightpollutionmap.info Cheers Neil
  7. Hi Leon I'm Denmead, which is just down the road from Hants Astro's site in Clanfield. I'm pretty lucky as I'm fairly rural and have a fairly unrestricted view. That said we aren't far from Southdowns which is a Dark Sky site, couple of good areas are Butser Hill near Petersfield, Old Winchester Hill near Warnford. This site is a good port of call: https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/enjoy/dark-night-skies/
  8. Afternoon all Has anyone gone as far as getting a PoleMaster for their Star Adventurer? It is a bit on the pricey side but does look the business! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-mounts/qhy-polemaster-with-adapter-for-astrotrac-mounts.html Cheers Neil
  9. @jimmyjamjoejoe Thanks JJJJ, I thought I was missing out not having a proper telescope with a decent mount. But as you've said I've already got the kit to hand just need to master it completely. As much as I love astronomy, astrophysics, and general spacey type stuff it always feels like there is so much to learn (which is part of the fun of it) but can be daunting, these forums and help and advice from fellow astronomers (like yourself) is invaluable. Thanks ?
  10. Hi all Thanks for the comments. @kirkster501 Only reason I say eq3 is that I don't have the budget at the moment to get HEQ5 or EQ-6 R Pro alongside a ED80 (or similar) @JamesF cheers for clarification, I think that confirms that I can't use SA for imaging at least. @jimmyjamjoejoe I originally wanted to get a Celestron 8" Edge HD but was recommended the ED80 as a good starting point for astro imaging, the cost of the ED80 makes it very appealing. I'm open to suggestions though..... I've seen the ZS range being quoted quite a bit on these forums so will do some researching.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Kirk Think I'll go EQ3 then EQ5/6 later on down the line Cheer
  12. Thanks all - the payload of SA is 5kg so think it's possible but certainly not ideal. Will see if I can get Santa to sneak a EQ-3 into my stocking at Xmas!!
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