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  1. I struggled a bit to find these two but did find Andromeda. Pointed it out to other half then explained that there are 1 trillion stars in that galaxy and other bumf from Wiki.. We were both astonished. How does your head not explode when you think about the vastness of space?
  2. Thank you! This pretty much took me straight to them. Brilliant!
  3. I've been out with my 200p dob having a poke around the skies. Lovely view of Orion and Pleiades. Tried to find Rosetta but no luck. I thought I would be able to see M81 & M82 though my telescope, but couldn't find anything. is it possible and what should I be looking for? I have a romantic idea of seeing a nice swirly group of stars, but not a sausage.
  4. Based near Exeter - looking for good Binoviewer, Williams Optics or such like. Ta muchly!
  5. I'm 5ft8, so even with the skywatcher 12" i'm going to need a box to stand on?
  6. Can anyone explain to me in layman's terms what the Nexus push-to is? How would it work with my Dob 200p (hopefully soon buying 300p). Thanks!
  7. That's a beast, the flexitube 300p from SkyWatcher should be a bit easier to manoeuvre?
  8. Thanks everyone. I am still thinking the 300p SkyWatcher dob is what I will go for, thinking I might even put up a little shed in the garden to put it in. At £800 for a brand new one I think it's a good way of seeing more up there. Very interested in Binoviewing, but am I right in thinking I would then have to double up on all of the lenses I've got? THat might get expensive! I do like the idea of something specifically for planetary viewing, that I could perhaps dip toe in to taking pictures, nothing fancy, just to annoy the family with photo's of what I've seen.
  9. THis sounds really interesting, I'll give it a try before I buy another telescope. Although I am liking the idea of getting better images of planets and maybe even taking some photos..
  10. I'm not particularly wedded to a type, would like to get better planetary views, it's what I stare open mouthed at on a clear night with my 200p although I am interested in looking deeper but that's not the primary reason I want to upgrade so I will look at the one's you've suggested. thanks!
  11. I've been thinking about a shed in the garden with a removable roof. The 200p has been great, come on camping trips with me, fits perfectly across the back seats. I'll definitely be keeping it.
  12. I'll just have to be quicker dragging my other half from the sofa to come out and see something before it's vanished! Having the dob has really helped me find my way around the sky though.
  13. The one I would buy is the flexitube, it looks less cumbersome even less so than my current 200. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-300p-flextube-dobsonian.html
  14. Thanks for your quick reply John! Is there anything else for the same money or thereabouts that would be worth considering?
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