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  1. Thanks again for all the advice. I aligned the finder yesterday afternoon, and tightened the tension bolt at the base. Viewing was a pleasure last night, and tracking was very easy. Thank you all so much! I will look into a medium mag EP.
  2. Ok, I get the picture guys. Thanks. I just hate having the answer being "spend more".
  3. Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I'm going to realign this afternoon to get my finder spot on. So it seems like it's really a practice makes perfect issue I'm having then. (both my EPs have 70 deg FOV, so I'm only stepping down focal length.) Theoretically, I would run into the same issue going from 10mm, to 5mm (or even from 26mm to 10mm).
  4. So then, alignment is really my problem then? My biggest concern has to do with "how to not move the scope?" when switching EPs. Should I negate this question and regard my problem more with getting better alignment?
  5. Ok, so finally last night was a clear sky! And for the first time since I've had my scope the moon was out. So I went straight for it with the 26mm EP. I lined up my finder scope, got the moon in the cross-hairs (I have a redot finder with 4 settings) and was spot on with the moon. The clairty was great with the 26mm, but I wanted to see 'deeper', so swapped in the 5mm. This was my first time using the 5mm. As soon as I began swapping the EPs, the scope moved. I thought to myself, "no big deal. I'll just re-align with the finderscope." This proved WAY more difficult than expected. I targeted t
  6. Agreed. With my Celestron 5mm, I need some counter weight to view objects low in the sky. There is no real need if the objects you're looking at are at their zenith.
  7. I have the 10" Lightbridge. I'm only about 2 weeks into owning it as well, and I'm about the same age (34). I've hauled the scope outside on every clear night. While the base on mine is not nearly as heavy as the 16"; Lugging it around I can see will get tedious. But I'm still young and don't mind. That being said, I really like not only the truss design on the Meade, but I also like how the altitude bearing sits on the base. The design of the base is simple, but very smooth. From what I hear, unless you are quite proficient with the GOTO system, you can end up spending a substantial amount of
  8. Oh, I don't follow baseball anymore. But when I did, I was a Mets fan :-)
  9. Thanks Dude, that's actually why I went with the 10" Dob straight away. I've been into other expensive hobbies as well, and always started off small and worked up to the top spending thousands on the way. I wanted to go with the largest, best bang for the buck I could get up front. That is also the reason for Celestron 5mm EP over something less expensive. I didn't want to have to upgrade it along the way (which may happen anyway - hopefully not for a long time though).
  10. Congrats, I just pulled the trigger on my first scope as well. I just picked up a second EP, but have had the clouds and mine misty rain pester my plans as well. I wish my wife was as prepared as yours. Which scope specifically did you end up with?
  11. You can try turning off UAC (user account control). Simply press start and type "user account control" in the search bar. Click on "Change User Account Control Settings" and you can disable it from there. This will allow administrators to install programs uninhibited.
  12. I use all of them pretty proficiently. Stick with what you know, and what the consumer market place calls for (Windows). MAC is excellent, and I recommend it to most people (I own an IT MSP) - but the accessibility of most software is still in Microsoft's favor due to strict programming guidelines from Apple. Ubuntu is awesome (Linux) and I highly recommend installing it on a computer sometime, it is incredibly stable, and after learning it - it's tough to step away from.
  13. Smart phones can also download a flashlight app that you can change the color of light. It uses the screen instead of the camera flash...but still useful in lue of buying more equipment.
  14. Wouldn't a truss design smaller DOB be more practicle for storage v. the tube designed ones? This was a large factor in my purchase of a meade over an orion.
  15. I would certainly hope a pony would not come in 3 different boxes. (sorry to divert the post, I just thought this was funny)
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