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  1. hi i have a 6 in f6 reflecter thats 35 years old and is still useable,its spent most of its time in a dry place with caps on but still gets dusty inside.2003 is 10 years ago so tech has moves on with sysnscan,ascom,eqmod etc.an alt/azimouth mount is ok for a beginner and cheap with its synscan or like goto handset.i have a skywatcher slt130 reflector.on the original tripod it wobbled.i use the scope for imaging still with my qhy8l.it has electric focus and sits on my heq5 pro or eq3-2 and gives good pictures.if you start with a skywatcher goto you can see if u like it,like standing in the cold and frost.if its a refractor you can use it terrestially as well.an alt/azimouth is easier to use than an equitorial to star and you dont have to stand on your head to get to the eyepiece and get as many milimeters lens as you can.long focal lenghts make objects not so bright or easy to see and wobble more.so get a setup and try it and have fun.
  2. Edit: post returned. in reply to catanonias comments.has he ever owned/used one.ive not seen any comments like his on forum pages.his condemnation to say forget it full stop,it sucks its useless seem if i may seem over reactive.if its based on my pictures then ime not the best for taking/editing pictures so to condem the camera is maybe not correct.its unreliable and has usb problems.well mine runs on a 12 meter usb repeated which it shares with my qhy5.with my atik ic16 colour i sometimes do get usb errors i conclude are caused by power line spikes so i have fitter an in line mains filter which has reduced this.its useless,well i did have problems trying to run phd and nebulosity on the same screen but this was overcome by minimising phd when not needed.i did get some banding on the qhy5 caused by using 1 usb port.there was no banding on the opticstar.there was amp glow on the 5 minit pictures which dark frames will correct.the opticstar worked perfectly taking frames with lots of stars of 5 minit duration.if there grainy its my fault for miss using it .not everyone is a nik szymanek.he has excellent kit and skill in knowing how to use it and get the best from it.hopefully the reply is seen as a reasonable adult comment to a camera . i look forwards to his reply to my observations
  3. Edit: Message returned dear rik,thank you for the comments.the light patch is from a refliction from the shiny end of the focusing tube because its is so far so its not a camera fault.on the telescope i had to move the mirror forwards by 1 inch 2 get a dslr to focus so the tube is further is.i will paint it black.as for the dark frames i didnt take any as this was just a first test.as for the gain i think the default is 63 % as thats what appears on switch on.ime finding that i can take 5 or maybe 30 minit exposures with no problems or lots of small ones.in the end 10 x 5 minits is 50 minits plus darks then more for flats etc so a long time is spend doing nothing/something else.i have a sw eq3-2 which is pillar mounted as well so i may run them both at once as i have a few spare pc,s and enough cameras. ime not an expert with processing frames,i use dss,because i dont understand what thy do/why or how.if anything they show the cameras potential with a good imager/processer which ime not.would you use on?.many thanks from richard
  4. Edit: Message reinstated. dear janos and all.please find my first pictures using my opticstar ds-336c xl camera.they were taken last nite using a celestron sl130 scope on wooden pilar mounted heq5pro .pictures with nebulosity 2,camera at 75% gain 5 minits or maybe more,checked out in deep sky stacker with basic tweeks but no drizzle etc,guide with sw st80/qhy5/phd.nebulosity v2 was used as one panel at a time ie with phd minimised otherwise it/i got confused. my only rocket science is light the blue touchpaper so more expereince imager will bet more from the pictures.comments welcomed please.from richard
  5. Edit: post returned. thanks for the reply mike.at fordinbridge the camp agreed to paint the top of the globes black down to half way and they got a certificate for it:headbang:.bbbbbbut onto my update concerning the qhy5 and nebulosity 2.it appears at 50%gain on the camera and even 0.001 sec exposure the program cant handle it so the scrren goes black.now and ive done this twice with the gain at 3%,set in advanced,setup, and 0.01sec,and using my sw 66mm f5 pro apo i can now get a picture of distant trees:hello2: so my suspision of some activity on my vista machine was correct.ive been checking out my opticstar 336c-xl and this gives a picture also with 3% gain and 0.01s or less .i cant see why except its a function of nebulosity.also i superglued my sc1 camera:eek: to my old tasco 50mm f10 telescope with a view to autoguiding with phd.a touch of auto gave a picture straight away and ive fixed it to a small dovetail so its ready to checkout.please if u get a spare minit maybe you can checkout the qhy5 on nebulosity with my settings.many thanks from richard in cloudy brandon suffolk
  6. thanks for that mike,ive joined the stark labs group as you suggested and posted a question so maybe something will come up.ps do you live near fordingbridge ,i used to go camping and fishing there and the sandy balls place had painted out some of its globe lites at the request of the local astronomy club.you could see them from the moon!!.ppss if any thing comes up i will post it if thats ok.many thanks from richard
  7. Edit: message returned to original. dear jabi.i now have an opticstar ds-336c xl and am wiating 4 the weather to clear to try it out.do u still have yours
  8. thanks 4 the email martin.my qhy5 is connected by ascom at the bottom of the camera options list,either early or late will do.it shows the qhy5 bottom left and the correct number of pixels.please try this and let me know how you get on,many thanks from richard
  9. ps,how do you find the heq5 pro mount.mine is fixed to a wooden tube concreted into the ground.the 1st time i used it on this it 3 star aligned 1st attempt and put the star/galaxy,etc on the chip in my atik ic16c every time,also use skywatcher st80/qhy5 to guide which works on phd every time.
  10. thanks 4 the email mike,and as suggested i will contact star labs..the skies supposed to clear but no sign of it yet.many thanks from richard:)
  11. dear mike thank you for your reply.i set things up as you suggested but on a mouse mat to block out the lite.with it blocked off the display slides are both 2 the left.if you lay the camera on its side the w slide goes from 664 to 65535 but with no trace and the screen is still black but did flick once.i tried in a dark room from 0.001 to 1 second but get same ,b/w move but no trace or picture.camera is ok with phd.hope this helps
  12. help needed with this problem please.ive been trying to run my qhy5 on nebulosity v2 etc.it will see the camera via ascom and show this on the screen with the number of pixels but when set to preview or frame and focus it only gives a blank screen for any exposure length.am i missing something or will it just not work.many thanks from old geezer
  13. please find my todays pictures in my album taken with a qhy5 and sw 80mm f5 guided with a atik ic16 and 6in newtonian at f3 and the whole lot on a sw eq3-2 well above its maximum carrying weight.pictures processed with dss and posted as jpegs.outside temp was -5dc.these are first attempts with this guide camera and any opinions would be appreciated:icon_confused:
  14. m31 taken with a qhy5 b/w at 15 minits with sw 80mm f4 on eq3-2 guided with phd and atic ic16 at f3 air temo -5c 05/12/2010.first attempt
  15. dear graham,i have one of these i bort a couple of years back.its ok for general viewing but if you have used it you will notice how much the tube moves.the dovetail is bolted to the 0.5mm tube so flexes a lot.i got some tube rings and a new dovetail bar to stop the flexing.i also made a tripod with 4 feet out of 4x1 to make a tube with braced legs so there,s no tripod movement.with tube rings you can fix a camera to it and take some pictures as it will follow the star but not to well so would be ok with short exposures and or short focal lengths.also as its not an equatorial mount the stars will rotate about the central one eventually.a dslr would be ok piggy backed as this is called but the dslr would need an adapter to fit the scope without its lens attatched ie body only.also it might not focus either.i have used my 130slr tube/scope on an eqatorial mount and it works well.you can also use a mini zoom camera with a bracket attatched to the eyepiece or piggy back for jupiter etc.one tip is say for a 30s dsle piggy back picture start the camera exposure going with a card blocking the lens for the first say 3 seconds so any vibration will stop the do the same just before it finishe.digital cameras are fun because you can rush inside ad downlod them 2c what happened,then try again. hope this help and have fun.sincerely old geezer aka richard also g4kzk
  16. dear tony,thanks for the info about the qh5y and usb one.last week i had a bad nite.i was setting up to do some imaginging but everything went wrong.i was convinced the qhy5 worked on usb1 as does my atik ic16.eventually i gave up because i was convinced the camera had popped as it wouldnt work on anything.my compaq double deck nc400nc evo did i thought work with the camera on usb1 but now gives an audidle click upon startup from the speakers which i think wasnt there before.the camera was giving error codes of 2 different types.the compaq works perfeclly now and the qhy5 worked faultlessly last time out on usb2 but says power surge with the qh5y on usb1.think i did see some comments on error codes so will check them out.also it works ok on a non amped 6m usb length from camera to pc but not more and is ok on repeater cables. also fwiw means ? please.have you tried imaging with the qhy5.mant thanks from old geezer aka richard
  17. hi from old geezer.i did look at the synguider but you have to be at the scope 2 set it up etc.if there was a usb port for remote viewing may have gone for one.have 2 modded filips ,a spc900nc and pcvc840k.i have used them but allways had problems with the l/e to work remotely so will use a long serial cable instead.my new qhy5 works ok to usb2 but not my usb1 pc but has a 1/2in chip and dosnt need a psu cable.with a 80/400 guide scope i can find my imaging object easier and adjust it to my atik ic16 colour.hope to try the qhy5 as main camera tonite with the atik as guide.as a bonus,with the cold freeze should get less hot pixels on qhy5 but did get some frost on the atik last nite.hope this helps.
  18. dear coco,ive been setting up to operate my skywatchereq3-2 and heq5pro from my kitchen.the pier mounted eq3-2 is nearly 3 meters from the pc.am using 2 usb 2 repeater cables,one 5 meters and 1 12 meters which will reach the heq5pro which is further away with a further cable extension for the synscan handset.it works ok with my new qhy5 for guiding and atik ic16 for imaging.the qhy5 uses a skywatcher 800x40mmfl scope to give more FOV to find objects.only problem was the hopless packard wouldnt see the usb2 repeaters so use old compaq n400c usb1 laptop with pcmis 2 x usb2 card.the qhy5 wont rUn on usb1 on compaq and crashes usb1 desktop.having a seperate cable for the handset helps when you need to be at the scope should i need to align to a star.use skywatcher focus motors with extension cables as necessary.you could use a 421 usb powered hub but would/may need to power via mains psu.my pier has a mains socket on it for the purpouse.only real problems were pc to usb repeater,its a god idear to try it in side before you fix it outside.did some imaging last nite of ngc7331 but had some icing on atik ic16.next project is to use atik for guiding and qhy5 for imaging.cold weather should help with hot pixel and will only need to change the guiding to mount cable from one camera to the other.hope some idears here,from oldgeezer.ps did think of eq mod but not confident i can get it to run hence kiss,keep it simple sir
  19. dear ian,sorry 2 hear your coupling has broken,was it old age?.give optical visual ltd who import skywatcher a call and speak to the tech man robert.shurly he can advise with a spare to buy or help with a source.will check out the web in the mean time,even e-bay.let me know what he says.sincerely oldgeezer
  20. hi from old geeaer,well the 1st usb repeater is from maplins code n50jb i2e 12 meters repeater cable and the second is a nlink pax 5 meter .i tried as an experiment last nite to load a 421 usb hub but it dosnt like that either.this dt is a hp pavilion 505n .hp help line says its an american machine so its probably a second hand one from the nearby american air basses.i tried to install a sound card as the pc says theres no playback device but even with a driver disc it wont have it even tho it takes the drivers etc so maybe its blocked for some things and wont allow any more that 4 usb deveces.all the rest like filips webcams and atik ic 16 colur load/run ok.will checkout the network details you mentioned and try to understand it .have a pcmia 2 port usb2 card in the post to fit into my compac evo n400c lt and maplins assurs me it will give 2 x usb2 from the usb 1 laptop like if you put a pci card in a desktop.if it works maybe things will run a bit faster.am i correct on this.sincerely old geezer from wind and rain swept brandon suffolk .ps got some pictures of ngc7331 and a nearby one last nite and frozen as well.will work only from inside when this is all sorted
  21. dear earl uk,thank you for your reply.i dont have any problems with this setup except occarional usb errors warning say when the fridge comes on or i did have some at 529 one nite which i put down to the mains supply and everbody putting there kettles on.once working ok may try to put a rolloff shed on it and leave it ready to go.ive not heard of the silex gigabit network so maybe you couls elaberate on that.sincerely old geezer,brandon suffolk
  22. dear brantuk,thank you for your reply.for guiding ime using a filips pcvc840k with sc1 mos.the usb cables are active and work fine when using my old compac nc400 which runs xp.it see,s the plug and play and installs ok and the cameras work fine on all of my pc,s.with the hopeless packard it see,s the cables when plugged in but fails to find the drivers inside the plug and play.as there,s no driver disc i cant do it/try it that way.its done this with 2 different makes of active cable.the usb 421 boxes are powered and work ok.for some reason wxastrocapture which gives a better picture wont see the camera thro the 421 whereas phd does so the solution is to use a seperate active usb link for that.having to setup the laptop is a pain whereas i could leave the hp permanently connecter and just power it up and did hope it would work faster with usb2.hope this makes the problem more clear.many thanks from old geezer
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