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  1. Hy Me again. Unfortunately the sky is too cloudy so I can't go out and it's not going to be better in the next days. But against this I ordered a webcam and I try it to attach to the eyepieces and make videos. As Vacuum's seen the Jupiter's main cloud belts as I could have seen them. It's really amazing. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Hi, I would like to share my experiences of my scope. It's not gonna be a review just few thought that may can help to people before buying telescope. I don't have any experience in astronomy I'm just keen amateur who's waiting for the clear sky at evenings. The scope My first thought was huge but I already know this one is almost the smallest newtonian telescope. The tripod looks solid but the mount is not. I had to have lot of patient to look through the eyepiece without touching it. If I touch it I have to wait long to get it still again. To adjust it horizontally is quite cumbersome because if I tight the screw on the bottom of the mount then hard to move the telescope if it too lose it's wobbling. To adjust it vertically much better thanks for the threaded rod. I got the scope with 3 eyepices (20mm, 12.5mm, 6mm) and a 3x Barlow lens. On the first day I could scan the moon only bot on the second day I could look the Jupiter and the 4 moon. It is amazing. I already looked the M31 cluster but I couldn't look too much stars. The sharpness of this scope I think is good, the Jupiter was clear and sharp and the surface of the moon as well. Of course the eyepieces got some CA but I think is not so bad. In the middle of the scope I can't see any CA. As I've written I'm an amateur and this scope is my first one so I can't compare to another telescope and I can't judge the quality of the mirrors. I think 40 quid for this telescope is bargain. I'm very satisfied with it and I already thinking about to buy a bigger one to look more details of the planets. But first of all I have to save money. Thanks Peter
  3. Thanks for all the warm welcome. Tomorrow I'm going to write a short review of my telescope and I hope I can help to people with low budget like me. Good night for everyone
  4. Hi, I have a Jessops 80-800 telescope. I'd like to know if there is any point to buy a 25 or 30mm eyepiece. I would like to look star clusters. I own a 20mm eyepiece but the magnification is too high to look many stars. Thx Peter
  5. Hi, My name is Peter. I was born in Hungary but I live here for 4,5 years in UK and 2,5 years in Basingstoke. I very new in astronomy but I've wanted to look the stars for long time ago.
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