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  1. Oh, ha ha Vega Mind you, come to think of it, maybe I could turbo-charge my solar panels! :sunny: Splendid idea! Somebody must have done that before?! P
  2. Hmmmm, so much good considered advice but no obvious right or wrong! Would it make any difference if I said my refractor is short focal length, 400mm? Perplexed, P
  3. OK but won't that defeat the object of using a large aperture to gain detail? P
  4. Thanks for the advice gents. My dob is closed-tube so no danger of stray light causing damage. However I promise to be very, very careful anyway. Rgds, P
  5. Hey. I have invested in some Baader solar film but I don't know which scope to put it on. I have a 3" short tube refractor and an 8" dob. I realise I don't need the aperture for capturing light but will it give me any more detail? Thanks, PP
  6. Hey Astroman, I have a follow-up question. Your list, along with others I have found, is good for lats 20-40N. I am in the UK at 51N. How might that make a difference to the search order? Thanks, P
  7. Sorry for the delayed response astroman. Great advice, thanks! PP
  8. I have been lumbered....errr...volunteered to run Basingstoke Astro Soc's Messier Marathon this year (thanks guys). Having never ever even been to one before, I could do with some tips! I am particularly interested in the logistics for the event, e.g. drinks, food, shelter and heating. What has worked for you? We have a reasonable amount of technical experience, e.g. what order to do them in etc but any advice would still be welcome. If anyone is interested in attending it will be held at Cliddesden Junior School, near Basingstoke on Friday 16th March. Time TBC. If cloudy, it will be postpone
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