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  1. hmm had this issue too.... solved the problem somehow...don´t know if it was to set from north to auto... ...and set the declination mode to lopass... but now it works fine! hope it works for you too...
  2. woohaaa... fine solution for the removal of the coverglas cheers for that...
  3. +1 for APT, really can´t say anything about other softwares... (but on the other side, i don´t have to try every woman to know that my wife fits perfect to me ) +1 for great support from ivo +1 it works with other cams like my qhy5II +1 for great tools that are incomplemented like: bahtinov focusing aid, polar align, dark hour counter etc.... btw thanks ivo for this great tool!
  4. hmm is it a usb3 connection you are using? cause my QHY5II (even with the correct drivers) won´t accept the usb3 (but this is no problem for me)
  5. ok had made an additional mod to the QHY5II... i hope that the weather will change soon (no observation time since weeks/months ) to prevent dew/freezing of the cmos sensor, i´ve made a heater: (ok this is the first version, with 2W resistors, maybe i´ll change them to smaller 1W resistors -> cause the 2W are a bit too big!) ok now to the mod 4 100ohm 2W resistors 2/2 parallel/serial -> 1,44W @ 12V ran a test @ ~ -5-5,5°C (that´s ~the max now -> with 20°C room temperature -> -25°C down from ambient) here the result....and yes no freezed chip, not even dew on the chip -> successfull mod! ok the downside of the mod -> 620g camera! (incl controller)
  6. where to start.... ok the neq-6 (the newer ones) should be better (the bearings etc) than the older ones... but even than you shouldn´t lose time regarding any issues described above... so the out of the box eq-6 is a good mount... i don´t know how this is with other similar mounts.... on the other side, there is the posibility to tweak the eq-6 to perform even better... as described above with "time-investment" from your side! (but we astronomers should have enough time -> hey we are looking the whole time up to the sky) as a side note, you will learn very much from stripping the mount -> how it functions, where to adjust.... back to topic... thanks for the reminder...i should take the time to strip down my neq-6
  7. oh ...it was the online version , the printed takes it´s time yes regarding a new scope (if my wife gives me the budget...but thats an other story) i´m thinking of an RC, ACF or MN and thinking of beginning with a budgetary RC 6", and tinkering with it...to see if i´ll go up to a 10" RC, if not than an ACF or MN will be my way.... but that pictures shocked me a bit (in comparison to here shown RC MN etc images)... maybe the colmination wasn´t ok, or it wasn´t properly cooled down... but this in a magazine which reviews a carefree AP system?
  8. hello... (i don´t know if its the right place to post) recently read the s+t LX850 review, and there were some images made with the 12" ACF... have to admit, somehow that images haven´t impressed me! they were somehow fuzzy...lo contrast etc and this bothers me somehow, do all the acf´s have such results? (cause i think that magazines will show only the "better" images) or is it even the praised LX850? (but the stars looked round...hmm)
  9. quattros are real good for AP...someone here on the board uses ist with a reducer and comes to f ~2,8 (if i´m remembering it correctly) on the other side SW MN190, hell of a scope...the intes ones are out of budget -> € +5600 for an 200/1200 MN (ok the quality might be very good) but these are scopes that should be mounted on a eq-6 or higher mount... regarding the fitting questions (M31 etc) try to dl Stellarium and there you can insert the scope datas, ccd/cmos chips, reducers etc and see what effect it will have on some targets....
  10. saying from the harsh side: "if we´re unable to find it here, we should look elsewhere!" but back to topic: great news...
  11. as a small note regarding the thermal stability of the steel tube: as an example at delta-t ~20°C and 1000mm length, the steel elongates ~0,2-0,3mm !! L=~ a x L0 x delta T = ~11,5x10^-6 x 1000 x 20 may have an effect on colmination....(depends at which temperature the scope was colminated)
  12. as an example coma cluster (ngc4874 and friends) with an unmodified dslr @iso 800 15x 300s with ff/fr the small fudges are galaxies... (it´s not a perfect image...)
  13. please correct me if i´m wrong.... imaging with a barlow is a *cough* no-no (except for some cases -> very fast telescope, planets targets with a high mag) cause with the barlow you "double" the focal length, therefore the scope becomes slower, therefore the exposure time climbs up (some say this may be a myth...) but this i have to try myself out, when i get over it and buy a barlow mostly the other way is gone -> focal reducers...such as SCT´s with a 0,6 reducer etc....
  14. just wanted to add something.... as above A. G mentioned...the focal length is of issue! with reducer the ED80 will have ~510mm which will give you good widefields... for small/smaller galaxies you would need ~+1000mm but:if you are looking for the future, there will be 100% a second scope......knowing this, it is not unwise to choose scopes which complement themselfsso one for widefields, and one for more "zoom", one for planets, one for....(you get the idea...)i have the ED80 and it´s a great scope for its pricetag!but for the small galaxies (something i love to image, didn´t know it before ) for a similar pricetag a RC 6" or a newton would be more appropriate...but the RC´s are telescopes that i wouldn´s suggest to beginn with (collmination, and other issues to tinker...)also something to think about:transportability!a ED80 is set up very quick! no waiting times to cool down etc...so if the skies clear you can have action -> visually or imaging, the later set up takes a "little" longer (depends on the mount)
  15. mmmhh observatory...maybe in three years (there are other needs my wife wants me to do first ) hmm temperature readout from qhy? niiiiceeee looking forward... also on my side to much work... ...and when i would have time, the weather gods are in my way
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