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  1. I have not discussed anything about a religion, humanism has nothing to do with religion. If I cannot partake in this forum merely because I am a humanist then no doubt it infringes upon my human rights to which I take offence and if being humanist is a reason my account is banned then there is nothing I can do about it to which I owe no apology.
  2. Hi all, based in North Wales. I'm an astronomy novice albeit I have read many books but just never turned my attention to it. I am a computer scientist by profession, self employed and a humanist (an atheist with morals) which means I have the benefit of much disposable time on my hands which typical 9-to-5 people don't. I'm the type of person who has shunned a stereotypical life, partly because I don't want the baggage of a normal life which means I can focus my time and energy on stuff that matters to me as opposed to stuff which society thinks should matter to people. I'm very good in my
  3. I am based in Denbighshire, a computer scientist by trade who is self employed. Brought my first telescope recently and wouldn't mind getting involved with a astronomy society. Don't suppose anyone wants to partake in a SETI like project and build a radio telescope here in North Wales...
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