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  1. my current bino pair set up consists of 2x24mm ExSc 24mm 68deg and rest are pairs of ExSc 82 degrees 14mm 11mm and 8.8mm.
  2. double set of Meade Research grades in the picture,cant be asked to upload to PC a double set of Baader Genuine orthos 5-18mm.Had a few Circle T`s before but they are loooong gone.
  3. nice set up Shane.If you can get focus with x2.6gpc in your 16" then it will work in your other dobs too.Other option is to move your primary closer and get a larger secondary and go "native". and nice binos Tubby Bear,wish the earthwins had the same prisms as baader mark V then they would be a killer set up with the power slider. My set up below. simple 7" F9 ED "Darth Vader" with Zeiss custom built binoviewer.30mm prisms with 30mm openings on both ends.
  4. ExSc 82 deg range gives you 15mm ER on 11mm and 14mm eye pieces and 14mm eye relief on 8,8 ;6.7. ( tested my self) I use pairs of Ex Sc 82 deg 8,8mm ;11mm and 14mm in my binoviewers and found them to be perfectly fine.They are far more compact then TV Delos and 82 degrees are superb in binoviewers no merging issues in any focal length and NO FIELD CURVATURE in 14mm ExSC 82 degree!(used F9 refractor) I had the opportunity to test a number of bino pairs recently: APM flat fields,APM HDC 100 deg, ExSc 82 degree and had a loaned pair of TV Naglers,Delos and singles of Ethos.Was comparing them against my old trusty Meade RG orthos and wide fields. APM flats where great but i didnt like 18mm as they where a bit too big for my IPD.Performance wise they are superb.APM HDC was too much power for bino but in mono mode gave nothing up to Ethos. Delos where too bulky despite excelent ER and views but i struggled with IPD and as such i sometimes couldnt merge image properly,Naglers where outstanding but they cost rendered them as no go.Lastly ExSc pairs where matching Naglers in binoviewers in every aspect,with actually slightly better eye relief,but also current price being 97 quid a piece made them very attractive.After several test sessions i liked ExSc so much that as a result i sold my meade RG collection and placed an order for pairs of ExSC 82 degree 8,8;11 and 14 and a pair of ExSc 24mm 68 degree.And i am quite picky on eye pieces for they performance.Final bill for the lot of ExSc of 4 pairs was arround 700 quid(bought NEW),where if i would off gone for TV Nagler it would off been £1500 as a minimum. Note: I binoview 100% of my observation time,unless i am testing an eye piece and i have to do it in mono mode. I would highly recommend ExSc 82 degree for bino viewers or as single eye pieces.
  5. Coating blemishes will not affect night viewing but will affect day light viewing in likes of birding/solar. I had many Baader eye pieces and never experienced issue mentioned above. Just return it to seller.
  6. Looks much better then a case full of green stuff Owned both ExSc you have now and they are superb,you will not see much difference between them and Ethos.As for other alternatives,i would strongly suggest to have a look at the APM`s new HDC 100 degree eye pieces.I tested the whole group of them and boy they are good.Markus did a sterling job on those.Shame they are a tad too high mags for my binos,but in cyclops mode i truly enjoyed them. I will have to post up my new case contains,just waiting on one ore eye piece to arrive and i will do so.
  7. looks interesting,baader zoom in Morpheus clothing.Shame nothing has changed optical wise as i would love to see a bit wider FOV on the lower mag side.Will look forward to hear from FLO about the specs once they become known.
  8. C11+C6 might say it was close to carry capacity limit of the mount as C6 is about 5kg and C11 is well 15kg for just OTA,add other bits and bobs and you might as well be 25kg and over, that would explain why mount was struggling.
  9. Sorry John for hijacking the thread. Az-EQ6GT in AZ mode can carry up to 25kg.Obviously the length of OTA is a different matter,however,As you know,i did rebuilt the Meade as such i did shave off a few kgs from original weight,but i did made it longer as i doubled the dew shield`s length in comparison to the original so now the whole OTA is close to 2mtr long,but also 2kg lighter.My new total weight is about 14-15kg what is well in capability of AzEQ6 in AZ mode.In EQ mode mount can carry a bit less than that but as i am visual only,i am not using EQ mode.Vibration dampening times are 2sec max if i do touch focuser,but if i only use slow mount slewing speeds when observing,there is no vibrations at all. I am quite sure this mount is capable to cope with the AOK 6" F15 too,as soon as a long losmandy plate is used and instrument is well balanced. Just out of interest,in what mode mount was used when you had a play with it with C11 on it?
  10. yep a standard issue Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT,with no modifications.The only thing i did add was an extension to get it to ride higher.
  11. oh you bunch of wusses,thats too big,thats too heavy 6" F15 ED mmm very nice,shame i already have a 2mtr tube to haul.Skywatcher Az-EQ6GT handles it with no issues at all.
  12. Field curvature will become obvious in dobs,but in refractors you will not see it.On top of that,some are sensible to field curvature if they do see one,some are not.Try it and see yourself,but dont write off one eye piece ONLY because a bunch of folks said that there is a FC in that particular eye piece.Sometimes,reading forum reviews of eye pieces are not really beneficial as folks tend to exaggerate something what isnt really necessary Once weather permits,i will be testing a series of eye pieces,including one eye piece what has been reported as having FC in various astro forums ,despite rest of the focal length being exceptional.Looking forward to this one as these might end up my new bino pairs if i like them.
  13. ok you asked for it Shane here is my humble set up.Meade 178 "Darth Vader" 7" ED F9 with Zeiss custom binoviewers,i use Baader BHSS T2 diagonal.On telescope side it has the 2" nose piece screwed straight to diagonal,on bino side its the T2 quick connector.Shortest light pass possible.I reach focus in native with out the need of barlows or GPC,however,i do have a x1.7 GPC if needed to increase the mags.Again i can reach focus with GPC installed too as i have sufficient back focus available. What eye pieces i use? Well, NONE at the moment lol.I recently sold my 2 sets of Meade RG`s and i am replacing them with something more interesting.Awaiting for a large-ish box to arrive any day now.End result should be from 18 pairs i should be down to 4 pairs only.
  14. 30mm will also be 1.25" with binoviewing in mind,curious how they gonna work that one out but thats what Markus is saying.Dont know at present what FOV it is going to be but i am most certain it will have to be less then 65 if it is for binos as field stop has to be at about 30mm as a maximum. 10mm is deffo coming. I would double think Shane about your plossls vs FF from APm,i personally think the FF`s will be equal optically but better for eye relief and FOV
  15. Ady, i will NOT recommend you any eye pieces as it is your money to spend and your mind to make up.But i would suggest to go and read up reviews about any eye piece you choose and in general,do a bit of reading and research before you splash out your hard earned cash. People will suggest you all weird and wonderfull things starting from Televue Ethos finishing with some cheap plossls,but at the end you will be the one who will be using them.Most will only suggest you eye pieces they ever used and have knowledge off but one lid does not fit all pots. Also get Stellarium downloaded to your PC or device you have and you can play with different eye pieces there for free before deciding what to buy.
  16. you are in the right spot Shane,just needs more aperture and or darker spot as you seem not to be pulling in all the fainter stars.(mag 9)
  17. i tested both 15 and 18mm pairs and they are excellent! Field is truly flat,sharp views,no flares or glare on bright objects.APM has done a sterling job on these,there will be other focal length released very soon (10mm and possibly a 30mm).For a money,they are an absolute bargain as bino pair or as single eye piece. 18mm is a bit on the fat side and people with narrow IPD might struggle a bit,but other than that,top marks.In my eyes these are equal to pans image quality wise for far less money. I liked them.
  18. aware of that one Ray,waiting for owner to respond,i still need one more 8.8mm i will need to correct my self in my wanted ad.
  19. Looking for a pair of ExSc 82 degree 8.8mm and 11mm eye pieces and pair of ExSc 24mm 68 deg.Not interested in maxvision as i need ExSc ONLY for my project. Can be without box,but has to have both cups and eye piece itself to be in pristine condition. Let me know what you have and your price idea.
  20. i dont think you gonna like it.Relatively tight eye relief,non driven scope,only 45 degree FOV against massive eye relief,72 deg FOV.Clarity and crisp image of ortho is truly enjoyable,but can you handle it?
  21. have not bought anything,but i have a few interesting ones sent to me for testing namely a bunch of Lunt 1oo deg and the 65 deg flat fields.100 deg will go against ethos,where ultra flats will be binoviewed.
  22. Price is dictated by demand,and ZAOII or ZAO I isnt really a cheap plossl what you can pick up on any corner shop Price of the set is getting silly,but oh well,someone out there will be crazy enough to buy them. I have looked through ZAOI and II and they are very fine eye pieces indeed.I mean really fine eye pieces.But as i dont have a spare kidney,i will stick with my Meade RG`s for a while
  23. for planetary Jules go for ED,as Chris said,achro has to be over F13 to really be CA free,but then you get the mounting issues.Filters will not help. Btw,there is a nice ExSC triplet for sale on ABS right now,same price bracket as 120ED,but ExSc as a triplet will be even better corrected.If the owner is desperate to sell,you might be able to negotiate the price? I have no association with it.
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