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  1. Hi, I want to print a strip around the base of my dob then fit an adjustable pointer to the rocker box bit. Do you know any software that will 'make' this strip if I give it the circumference of my base, so I can print off a 0 to 360 degree strip and glue it on? Thanks in advance
  2. Bracken

    Hello all

    Hi & welcome on board! :salute:
  3. I use the Skywatcher on my Dob. Seems to work fine. I had to align the secondary with a Collimation Cap first (once only), then I just use the laser to tweek the tube when I 'extend' it prior to use. It is quick and easy to use. The two down sides I can see are the fit is a little sloppy in the 1.25", but fits 'tight' in the 2", which I use in preference now to collimate. Also the light spot is a bit of a splodge rather than a precise dot (not a major issue, maybe a splot rather than a dot). Other than that I can tweek my mirrors very quickly now.
  4. Oh, makes sense, I can have that rather dapper check pattern shroud then!
  5. Ah, so white is the new black then, makes sense
  6. I went into Dunelm Mill yesterday and asked for blackout material to make a shroud for my 250 Flextube and it was 'white' ?? The lady assured me that all blackout material was white?? I will try my local market when it re opens
  7. Turn Left at Orion, Collins Stars & Planets and a Skywatcher Skyliner 250 Flextube!
  8. My Skywatcher Skyliner 250p Flextube came today. :hello1: Built the base up, got the tube out the box and when I was setting it up on the base noted a dent in the lower part of the tube and one of the silver locking thumb screws has been snapped off! :crybaby: Looks like FedEx have not been too kind to me this Xmas!! :nono: Ahhh! It is the season of good will, and they were in a hurry!
  9. Hi Lotte! Welcome to you both, i'm just 'up' the road in Carlisle.
  10. Hi, my first post so be gentle with me :wave: On Monday night got home, and there were two bright 'stars' just west of south, low down in the sky. They were just above the fence to the south of my house. Popped a C6 onto a tripod, and with the zoom eyepiece and a bit of 'faffing' got fine views of Jupiter and its moons. Venus below was just a bright small disk, but Jupiter and its moons were very clear. Later that night about 21.00 had set up my C8 for a fine view of Uranus. Jupiter and Venus were both too low, and Neptune was below the wall in my backyard. At about 17.00 the Alt of the 4 planets was Uranus 27deg, Neptune 20deg, Jupiter 7deg, and Venus 2 deg It has been too cloudy last night and tonight to see them again
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