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  1. I've seen both through my 10" dob, using the 32mm Panaview. With the Lp around here, I'd have struggled to see M82 with anything smaller.
  2. Try again. The good quality conditions do make it tempting though. (Damn iPad )
  3. It wouldn't be too bad without the wind. I can stand the cold, but dont like it being force fed at 50mph. The good quality seeing conditions do make it the putting though.
  4. Twas a mere budgie fart.......for a 10k tonne rock doing 40k mph. I hear many people say that it was good that it hit Russia. As callous as that may seem, they have a point. Chelyabinsk is on a longitude with Britain, and if it hit here instead, then apart from the thousands of damaged buildings, actual injuries, it would have cost billions in whiplash claims. All jest aside, meteor impacts and air bursts are stark demonstrations of how the velocity of an object adds to its overall mass.
  5. Wasn't bad here last night, thought he sky was a bit lighter than usual. Could see M81 and just about see M82.
  6. Looked promising earlier, but it was too hazy. So the Dob stayed in the coal house.
  7. I'm in Quarry Bank, so if you don't mind another one tagging along.... Don't fancy going to dark sites on my own, I might end up in a Findus Lasagne.
  8. Cheers folks, I'll probably go for BST Explorers for the Mak. I'm leaning toward getting some 82º AFOV for the Dob. As for cost, I can go up to around £150.
  9. These blumming UFO's, if they're not crashing, there's bits dropping off them. Where do they get them made? Longbridge?
  10. Whats the Astrosolar film like? TBH I wouldn't like the idea of letting that amount of heat into a the tube of a telescope in the first place. I can't imagine it would do mirrors, lenses, or what ever fastens them inside the telescope any good.
  11. The 10" dob works out at f4.72, the 127Mak f11.8. Can only seem to find BST Explorers on Ebay. Cheers.
  12. I recently bought a Skywatcher 10" dob (solid tube). Which explains the weather we have been getting lately. Now I'm looking to build up a collection of eyepieces. So far I've gone for a 5mm Baader Hyperion, and a Skywatcher Panaview 32mm for star clusters and with star hopping in mind. I don't wish to go radio rental and buy eyepieces for the sake of it. Just looking to build a decent range of useful eyepieces at about one every month to six weeks which will do my telescopes justice. My other telescope is a Skywatcher 127 Maksutov. Any ideas?
  13. Yes, mass and density. Neutron stars are Supernova remnants. They are what is left when a star collapses under it's own gravity, during a certain type of Supernova. They can weigh 2 0r 3 times more than The Sun, yet be about the size of a large city.
  14. I think something in the region of 80 times the mass of Jupiter is need to have enough gravity to get the density needed to ignite a star.
  15. If I lived in the Southern Hemisphere, I'd go for the Eta Carina nebula too. From here, I'd go for the Double Cluster and M42.
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