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  1. You could look at the Celestron small spotting scopes like the Ultima 65 or the Mini Mak 70 which are around £85 - £100, or even the C90 mak at around £150. BR Alan
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    Hi Howard, Welcome to the SGL.
  3. Hi Andy, Welcome, you will get all the support and help you need to choose a scope from the experts on this site. BR Alan
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    Hi Roo, Welcome to the SGL. Alan
  5. Welcome Simon. The Isle of Wight is one of my favourite places.
  6. Built up the Nexstar 4SE for the first time last night. Did not get chance to fully use the goto as I did not get the finder set accurately (fundamental mistake, tried to align scope and finder on a star but the little [removed word] kept moving!!!). Still, gave me a chance to practice focussing and slewing manually. I was veiwing stars I could not see with the naked eye and the site of jupiter including some banding was the nights highlight. All the above was viewed with the stock 25mm plossl but next time I will also try the 12mm I have. Really enjoyed my short spell gazing and next time wil
  7. Well done on the diy front, a nice piece of kit.
  8. Well done Greg, I've just received the 4SE I ordered on Saturday. If you have the manual there appears to be decent instructions for setting/alignment in it. There is also a thread on these forums titled something like 'Nexstar SE what the manual does not tell you'. Heres to clear skies. BR Alan
  9. To add to my post: These come with carry case or backpack depending upon the scope choice. BR Alan
  10. Have you looked at the Celestron C90 Mak or Ultima 80 (angled) spotting scope and possibly using a small photographic tripod or table tripod?
  11. Ooop's another guilty party. Ordered my first scope on Saturday. In my defence I can say we have had no real clear skies for longer than that. BR Alan
  12. Pushed the button on my first ever telescope, a Celestron Nexstar 4SE, over the weekend. Just spoke to the supplier and it should be with me tommorrow so two things: 1. Thanks for the help from the SGL members for answering my questions and helping me decide. 2. Apologies for the next few nights as I believe the delivery of a new piece of equipment means no clear skies for a while. BR Alan
  13. If you can stretch the finances a little the Celestron 4SE is a good scope and offers the possibility of very basic photography and the tripod is superior to that of the SLT. I have chosen this as my 'grab and go' option. BR Alan
  14. You could look at the Nexstar 4SE which will allow you to dabble with photography if you wish. this has a better mount than the SLT versions.
  15. Since the tray acts as a brace then this may be the best place.
  16. Welcome to the SGL Lodge, from a fellow Staffordshirian. BR Alan
  17. One site I have been to states that the 150PDS weighs 10kg and that the dimensions are 80 x 39 x 34cm. I do not know how accurate this information is, so apologies in advance if it is incorrect. BR Alan
  18. Hi rusty, Welcome to the SGL from another resident of Staffordshire. BR Alan
  19. How about the Celestron C5 spotting scope with an AZ4 alt/azi mount or the Vixen Mini Porta/tripod? These combinations should provide a good portable setup.
  20. If you want to try a little AP with a portable scope then the Nexstar 4SE has the wedge and the tripod is sturdier than the Skywatcher 127. Another one to look at would be the Celestron 127 SLT which was recommended to me along with the 4SE as good for portability. I keep looking at other options but keep coming back to these two, although I like the look of the Celestron 102 SLT but I am not sure how this one performs?
  21. Hi Dunkster, Thanks for the information and picture, just a couple of further questions: What finderscope do you use? Is the goto accuracy affected in anyway?
  22. I am in a similar situation regarding a portable scope and the two that have been suggested to me are the Celestron 127 SLT and the Nexstar 4SE. These are relatively small ota's with decent supports (the 4SE haviving the better one). Both are good for planets, they are just over you budget but not by much. BR Alan
  23. Thank you for all your suggestions. I was wondering if it was also possible to convert one of these scopes so it could be used on a Celestron 6/8SE mount?
  24. I am looking at a Williams Zenithstar 70ED as my first scope and was wondering what would be a good mount for it. I am looking for something portable and would be not worried if it is a manual or goto. I thought about the the Vixen porta mount and tripod or the Skywatcher AZ4 but would appreciate your suggestions and comments. Many Thanks Alan
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