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  1. ill try that if that doesn't work should i get a higher mag barlow?
  2. its not focusing inwards I've unscrewed the barlow lens but that didn't help
  3. My focusing wheel doesn't turn far enough to focus when taking pictures of the moon with my 2x barlow/t-adapter. I've tried everything but it doesn't work Can anyone help?
  4. I think its explained in the reviews why its this price
  5. Don't forget voyager 1 and 2 going beyond the solar system
  6. last night (3rd of feb) I was very happy with what I saw I went out last night to try some astrophotography. I got all my equipment set up then to find my camera was dead. so I took the camera off and put I'm my 10mm, swung over to Jupiter and had a gaze (you cant not, once its gone you'll have to wait a while before it comes back up). I noticed everything was higher in the sky so I went to see if m42 was any different but it didn't. I remember watching eyesontheskysDOTcom and he was talking about how to find M36 and M38. I found 'the smiley face' in Auriga moved to the left then swept the sky with my 25mm EP. Eventually I found a star cluster but I couldn't tell which one it was. I took a guess that it was m38 and moved upward and found m36. I did a little joy dance (because I had been looking for a while and this was the my second attempt) and looked back again. I didn't know what to look for next and I was freezing so I packed up. I was very happy that I found some new objects. I have a question though, how often should you collimate a dobsonian? thanks,
  7. thanks for the advice, I'll try something a bit more suited for dslr photography
  8. Mine's in the shed with a sheet over it. But if I were you then I would get a shed alarm to keep it safe.
  9. thanks. Do you thing I should try something like a star cluster?
  10. its an slr with a 2x barlow and yes it is the scope in my sig
  11. how come Jupiter looks like Neptune when I try to take photos of it, is it not focused or have I done something wrong
  12. I have one but haven't had a chance to use it.
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