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  1. Hey Vacuum. I know you have a DSLR but if you ever move on to CCD you should check out http://www.newastro.com . His books are pretty much the "bible of ccd astrophotography".
  2. astronomerchris


    Astrophotography I've taken.
  3. At first I was stuck with the image attached below. I thought it was an issue with field rotation because PixInsight said there was -.28 degrees field rotation between each image. You'd be surprised that all that smudge in the upper left was because I was stacking a image that was smeared most likely by the telescope possibly being nudged. I noticed there was a time difference in the files so that's what made me think the image was bad. After removing the bad image from the stack it came out nicer.
  4. I finally found out what was wrong.
  5. Lol nice picture :P

  6. I don't know how to edit or delete my previous post so: Sorry those links didn't work, I sent them to you through PM. By the way I am using a stellarvue large format CCD field flattener.
  7. http://astrob.in/full/28883/ and http://astrob.in/full/28884/
  8. Sorry it's so noise, here's a better clip of it. The upload must have degraded it. I'm on a Mac by the way so DSS wouldn't help me sadly. I do have Photoshop CS6 but I am not sure if it would help or not. Christopher
  9. Fort Davis has nice viewing areas. I used to live in Corpus Christi and Kerrville, Texas.
  10. Ooooh I am very curious to see how your images turn out! I have the same camera
  11. You're birthday is a day before mine!

  12. Hey Adam, I might suggest a VERY good tutorial website that you should visit. The tutorials do cost money but there are some free ones you can check out. They've helped me a lot. Nice work on Andromeda! Here's the website: www.IP4AP.com
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