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  1. Hi sounds like the auto focus assist light. From memory the red eye reduction is a bright white l.e.d. Are you using the camera in manual mode?
  2. Where are you in la palma I'm at the hacienda san jorge in Brene baja we have had cloudy sky's here past couple of nights. Went upto the telescopes on Monday day a bit high for my liking got some good views from there Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Try a reboot on the ipad. I have found some apps seem to require a reboot after installation or update to work properly. no idea why.
  4. Hi a good old fashion diary will have moon rise times and may even show the phases. Low type tec!
  5. Hi when we erect decking ( hate the stuff my self) the support posts are 100x 100 mm posts set at 450mm centres with 100 x 50mm stringers to tie them together on which the deck boards are screwed some jobs we use 40 mm thick boards. They don't bounce at all! You could strip the deck and screw more supports under the boards to decrease the spacing at which the boards are fixed or fix more supports under the deck. If your going to use one spot only to observe from just strengthen that area. Decking is horizontal fencing
  6. We know some of the presenters subscribe to this forum but can't expect them to comment or if they know any different. It would be a shame. I think the show has evolved with the new presenter line up and is covering a wider topic. I still enjoy the program
  7. Hi I'm going to get one of those ready made baader filters for my SW200p for visual use and maybe photos later. It seems the sun is out more than the stars. Boo! I was wondering can you use an HK filter with baader film? There are lots of ads for HK ccd filters. Advice and thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 7. Phone does strange things. The other day the BBC news app sprang into life even though it wasn't running. Notifications are switched off ! Ass for apps not working it's the same for any operating system change if the app or software is not written properly it won't be 100% compatable. Sometimes a reboot is needed.
  9. Hi all. Amazon sell 12 volt cigar adapters for the acer aspire laptops and generic ones also for other makes. If you happen to use a skywatcher/celestron power tank to power your setup they have 2 car type sockets.
  10. anyone find Science britanica Brian Cox BBC2 suposed to be on over Easter seen one trailer and mention in sky at night mag but cant find it in any listings or on the BBC web site. Has it been pulled?
  11. Pink Floyd loud in the dark head phones of course under the stars what more could you want. with reference to the bird thing. We do have a mimiking bird in this country the black bird. I was on a building site in Chichister around 10 years ago , fencing of the carpark the site was finished and the machinery had gone . We were the only ones on site and kept hearing the reversing beacon of a the fork lift only to realise it was a black bird , must have been around the same volume!
  12. It's usually on BBC1HD first. Freesat series record seems to find it every month. Also records the BBC4 long version on its own. I enjoyed the program but Dr. Lucy Green seems to have taken over as lead presenter
  13. My Eq5 and HEQ5 both effect a magnetic compass and the compass on my iPhone. So it's not that accurate. I guess if you line up the star map on the device with the sky it might work ok. If it works for you why not.
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