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  1. Hi, Took a picture of the RA Circle, with the lock and the Polar Scope as well. Basically when loose, it moves around when I twist the RA axis, but not necessarily as much, and when I tighten the lock, it makes the axis feel more tight as well. /Bo
  2. I mean if I tighten the lock key on the date ring it actually affects the mount axis from turning freely, and even when tight, it does not stay in alignment with the mount when I spin the axis, i.e. it spins "slower" than the mount. Also, even when loosened, the date ring does not freely spin around. I heard the circles on the EQ5 mounts were poor, but I never expected it to be this bad, as it would actually affect the performance of the mount if I didn't have the motors and the SynScan on it.
  3. That's all well and good, but the EQ5 circles are so poor that especially the RA circle will not stay in sync with the mount. I can set the Polar Scope with the Polaris Circle diretly down, and I understand that should then be nov. 1st on the dial, but the problem is when I then try to use that for anything, the circle is not accurately following the axis. Do I actually need this for anything, or is it enough to use the SynScan control position of Polaris, or Polar Finder, or PolarAlign, and set the Polar Scope according to that (using the RA axis), and then find Polaris and put it in the Polaris Circle in the Scope to get an accurate Polar Alignment? /Bo
  4. That was also my understanding, that I could "dip" the tripod, polar align using the alt and az adjustments, and then setup Synscan, i.e. 2/3 star alignment, and then GoTo would work just fine. What about; Most mention an alignment of the Polar Scope, where the "Polaris circle" points EXACTLY down. Why is that necessary??? Is that only to properly use the circle for the Polaris transit point? /Bo
  5. Hi, I am a bit new to all of this, and though I have read myself crazy these last days; posts on this forum, as well as videos on YouTube and posts on other discussion groups, I am still at a loss. I'll try to explain my "challenge" and see if anyone can explain. Equipment: EQ5 Pro w. SynScan GoTo, a polar scope, and a SW 150PDS. I have the mount aligned - I followed a great tutorial and have the home position marked on the mount, and registered in SynScan. I have the reticule aligned, and the cross-hairs do not move when turning the RA axis. But, the circles on the EQ5 (the RA Index Scale and the Date Circle on the Polar Scope) are absolute Rubbish, and they move independently when I turn the RA axis, and sometimes not at all. When tightening the RA Index Scale lock, it gets worse, and that causes significant resistance in turning the RA axis. Hence, I quickly realised I need to do Polar Alignment without the circles. I get the easy way; move the "Polaris circle" (in the Polar Scope) to the point as described by Polar Finder (I actually use an iPhone app, PolarAlign 4.0), and then move the mount (using only the latitude and longitude adjustment bolts) until Polaris is in the "Polaris circle". And that is probably enough for visual use, but I want to do some AP. The more precise methods leaves me to my question; most mention an alignment of the Polar Scope, where the "Polaris circle" points EXACTLY down. Why is that necessary??? Is that only to properly use the circle for the Polaris transit point? Also, I live in Greenland, in Nuuk to be precise, and that is on latitude 64:10:12N. This is a challenge when the EQ5 latitude adjustment only can move the mount to ca. 60 degrees. So I have to lower the "N" foot a bit. How does that affect this whole alignment business??? And, living here in the iron-rich mountainous far North also means we have a significant (and changing) misalignment between magnetic and geographic North, and it is actually difficult to point the "N" foot in the right direction. How important is that? I hope that someone can give me some guidance, and thank in advance for any help! /Bo
  6. Super - thanks for the replies. I'll eagerly await the next clear sky night, with tons of northern lights, and hopefully a bit warmer temps. than the current -15 degrees. On a nice starry night though, it is beautiful up here, and with so little light polution it is a good spot for star gazing:)
  7. The dealer suggest loweering the "N" foot, and Skywatcher themselves say there is no solution, except to align to Polaris using the levelling of the mount. My question is if using the levelling of the mount will affect the Synscan GoTo funcationality? /Bo
  8. YES - I am sure he would, seeing as I butchered the English language:) SORRY! Of course I meant "Astronomy"...
  9. Hi, I am totally new to astrology, and just got myself a Sky-Watcher 150PDS, on an EQ5 Pro w. Synscan GOTO motorised setup. The package I purchased included an upgraded focuser, to the Crayford focuser w. 1/10 microfocusing. I think I have it all setup right, at least it seems to work as perscribed. However, sitting up here in Nuuk, Greenland, I do not have a "down-the-street" shop where I can ask silly questions. Hence I am having to depend on good folks like yourselves to help me out. The dealer in Denmark has also been very helpful, but even he can't answer all questions... The focusing dials are working, but they are very tight, even to the point where it gives out a grinding noise when used. I found an excellent manual of the focuser, and adjusted the countersrew, the stopping screw, and the two parallelizing screws, and it is now much much better, but there is still significant grinding when using the focusing dials, even the micro one. Is that normal? Also, as I am here in Nuuk, at this high Latitiude (64.10.21N), I can'd ajust the EQ5 altitude adjustment T-bolts beyond 60 degrees. I guess I can lower the "N" leg on the mount a bit to find Polaris, but how will that affect the GoTo functionality? Or, is there another way to keep the mount level, and still adjust Latitute beyond the std. 60 degrees on the EQ5 Pro mount? Thanks in advance, Bo
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