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  1. Crikey, sorry mate. I wouldn't have a clue. I was just a Dob Yob. No fancy imaging stuff here
  2. Any offers on these before I head over to the Wild West of UK Astro Buy / Sell?
  3. Hi Rockystar got there first on the OIII filter - now SOLD
  4. FINDER SHOE SOLD Offers for the filters anyone?
  5. Telrad modded with an added dew-heater circuit. Heater runs off separate battery pack. On / off switch with green LED 'on' indicator on side. £27 posted
  6. 1.25" Filters Light pollution £13 posted UHC £29 posted OIII £29 posted Skywatcher RACI finder. New & unused. £48 posted. Finder shoe. New & unused. £4 posted.
  7. TeleVue Nagler Type 6 13mm - excellent condition but unboxed. Original cap on barrel, not sure atop. £165 posted. Meade UWA 6.7mm 82 deg - excellent condition. Boxed & caps. £95 posted. BSA Starguider 5mm - excellent condition. Boxed & caps. £39 posted. Televue 2x barlow - excellent condition. Unboxed but with caps. £65 posted. Televue 1.8x barlow - very good condition. Unboxed but with caps. £50 posted.
  8. I've just gone from Maxvision 24mm 68 degree to ES 31mm 82 degree in my albeit larger scope now (MV in 200P previously). Very little opportunity to use it so far but first impressions are WHOAAA - in a good way So much so I've sold the MVs to fund another mid range 82 deg
  9. Well, visit the Restaurant at the End of the Universe of course. But in more practical terms I'd love to see a really epic daytime visible comet. Spectacular and without the risk of gamma ray bursts and the like from a supernova.
  10. I think the best 'bang for buck' low power / widefield eyepiece for the 200p and similar at the moment is the 1.25" 24mm Maxvision 68'. For what you get for your money it's a ridiculously good deal. http://www.explorescientific.co.uk/en/Eyepieces/ The 2" 82' version is also available and if I was in that market I'd certainly give it a go.
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