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  1. The Helios Apollo 15x70s are abit to much. Looking at Helios Quantum-4 15x70 IF/CF atm on a monopod with trigger grip then i can use it with my 1 good hand.
  2. Currently trying to decide between celestron or helios 15x70
  3. Budget for the binos is about £200. What kind of views do you get through your 15x70s?
  4. Hi, To cut a long story short i became disabled just over a year ago which has reduced my hand functionality. This means i cant always set my telescope up quickly enough to observe. So for Christmas i've received some money towards some astro binos and a tripod if required. Can anyone point me in the right direction or recommend a pair of binoculars for Astro observing (the more i can view the better!!) without many small fiddly bits? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, I was wondering were you all buy the flight cases from that hold your tube in? Can you get them custom built and if so where and roughly how much? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello Tim, Welcome to SGL, im in Sunderland myself so North myself altho not as dark here
  7. Hey welcome to SGL! enjoy your new scope
  8. Hi and Welcome to SGL, shilling was long gone by the time i was born
  9. Hey and welcome to SGL, Barlows double a eyepeices magnification.
  10. Clear Sky's!!! question is can i get out and setup without sliding across the decking into next doors fence and hurting myself

  11. Hi and welcome to SGL from another noobie
  12. I picked up the celestron first scope kit, gives me a new finder so the red dot one can gather dust and a few new eyepeices its a neat set
  13. Considering Ski's and/or iceskates for my scopes tripod so i can use it in this lovely weather

  14. Ye i was thinking that it seems to be missing rings to be saturn
  15. Wow mike that's awesome, I'd be interested in that as data is a lot smaller than paper!
  16. Hey Joanne Welcome to SGL, plenty of chances to get outside as a scout leader!! Gary
  17. Mentalmackem

    Hi all

    Hey Matt and welcome to SGL the terrible scope manuals seem to be a reccuring theme with telescopes! take to youtube thats what i did.
  18. Hi and welcome to SGL
  19. The weatherman may be right for once, theirs definitly snow clouds sitting off the coast here

  20. Hey mate as ive posted else where im from sunderland also! Welcome to SGL
  21. Fellow mackem!!!!!! Ive emailed them as im in the same boat as you, waiting to hear back, hopefully soon
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