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  1. Mercury was obscured by houses, but never mind. Best I've seen Saturn for some time, Cassini division visible with 8mm BST. Even caught M81 and M82 over the neighbour's roof despite his annoying outside light Phil
  2. Nice one Steve, I'm sure you will have many happy and rewarding hours with your Dob-mounted scope. All the best Phil
  3. Beautiful clear blue sky at the moment, but when I get my scope out to cool down, clouds will mysteriously appear Phil
  4. Good luck with the new scope doc, oh and welcome to SGL too Phil
  5. Welcome to SGL Pam - No more lurking! - good luck with the new bins Phil
  6. Welcome to the forum Rob, and good luck with the new scope Phil
  7. Awesome shots, thanks for sharing Phil
  8. Not exactly, but our house is on the market now - one of the reasons we are looking to move is to get away from the neighbours (whose outside light one particular annoyance). Factors that we will be looking at when buying our next house will include: A noticeable reduction in LP, so away from our current location on the edge of a large town.An improvement on the amount of sky visible from the back garden, which is currently seriously restricted to the north and west.A significant increase in the garden size, and with a suitable location for the obsy I am planning to build.Not sure how successful I will be though, I seem to recall a similar wish-list years ago when we moved last time, and that time I lost out because more boxes were ticked on the wife's list! Phil
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum Phil
  10. Good choice of scope, you will have many happy hours with it, clouds and light pollution allowing Best of luck Phil
  11. Welcome to SGL and, hey, don't put yourself down because of your binoculars. There are many people who prefer to observe using binos, and you certainly shouldn't rush into anything. Get a feel for things first, download Stellarium (free) as a really useful guide - and enjoy! All the best Phil
  12. Hi Clive and welcome to SGL
  13. It's amazing what rubbish gets said to sell papers, problem is people will expect wonders, and then be really disappointed. Phil
  14. Welcome to the forum Michael, and good luck with the new scope Phil
  15. Hi Craig and welcome to SGL. Can't help with go-to issues I'm afraid, being a member of the dob-mob All the best Phil
  16. Hi Haych and welcome to SGL. I must admit to being a little disappointed with Mars last night. Although it looked good with Mk 1 eyeball I could not get any decent views through the scope - not sure if this was due to the brightness of the moon, poor viewing conditions generally, or the incessant switching on and off of next-door's outside lights (probably a combination of all three) All the best Phil
  17. The star to the bottom left of the moon this week is probably no star, but the planet Mars. It is now at it's closest point to earth on their respective orbits, and won't be again for another two years. Jupiter is also visible as the brightest object in the night sky (apart from the moon) - Stellarium is a great free download app which will give you an idea as to what planets (amongst other things) are visible from your location. Good luck Phil
  18. Nice report, great to see you having success and nailing some good targets - look forward to the next one Phil
  19. Great report, thanks for that. I hope you both have many hours and wow moments together with your new toys Phil
  20. Awesome Steve, cheers for sharing Phil
  21. Congratulations and good luck - If you're really quick now is the time to order some new kit - There will be so much going on she probably won't notice when it arrives
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